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In-Person and Virtual Field Trips
Burpee is offering In-Person and Virtual Field Trip Options

School's in session, and Burpee is ready for your Field Trip! With 4 NEW exhibits and 5 revamped exhibits, Burpee is excited to offer new and revamped tours, workshops, and explore options for your class.  All field trips have been aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and the Social Studies C3 Framework, as well as extension activity aligning to the CCSS Reading for Information Standards.

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Invite Burpee to your school department, grade level, or staff meeting for personalized curriculum linking of Burpee resources and BONUS FREE museum passes to give out as rewards and treats to your students and families for letting us stop by.  Sign up by emailing us at!

Most Requested
Discover Card
Jane Exhibit
Fossil & Dino Tour

Grades 3 & Up

Walk through the geological timeline starting at our own Ordovician Sea in Rockford 45 million years ago. Students will meet the organisms from crinoids to gastropods to the huge cephalopod predators!


Grades 2 & Under

What is a fossil? How is it formed? Meet giant dinosaurs, and tiny prehistoric snails in your journey through time! Touch real fossils, and interact with Burpee educators to explore the age of dinos and more!


Grades 3 & Up

From slithering snakes to leaping lizards, bring your students up close with live reptiles to learn about their cold blooded nature and adaptations that help the critters survive in the wild!

Of This Place
The People “Of This Place”

Grades 3 & Up

Walk through contemporary and traditional artworks of the Sac and Fox, Potawatomi, and Ojibwe Nations. Learn the narratives, experiences, and historical understandings of Native Nations of the Rockford region and beyond! *temporary tour through 1/20/23

Of This Place
Pint Sized Pow Wow

Grades 3 & Under

A Pow Wow is a celebration with dancing, feasting, and fun! Join us as we celebrate the Indigenous people who are “Of This Place” with contemporary and traditional artworks of the Sac & Fox, Potawatomi, and Ojibwe Nations! *temporary tour through 1/20/23

Windows to Wilderness
Windows to the Wilderness

All Ages

Habitats of Illinois are diverse in their fauna & flora (animals & plants). Meet the locals up close, and learn the amazing creatures in the ecosystems all around us!

Geology img car
Beneath Your Feet Tour

Grades 2 & Under

Hold a rock...where did it come from? What's inside? From awesome minerals, to the giant forces like water or heat...learn how the Earth beneath your feet is formed and can change!

Geology 2
The Earth's Forces Tour

Grades 3 & Up

Walk through the forces that shape our Earth from weathering to compaction. What makes a rock? How does it become sand? What give a mineral its color? Interact with the geology of our Earth in a unique way!

Ice Age Icy Illinois
Icy Illinois

All Ages

Head back in time to the cold landscape of Ice Age Illinois! Meet giant mammals of our land: Mammoths, Giant Sloths, Giant Beavers, the humans that hunted, and more! Touch teeth, examine fur, and learn how glaciers shaped the land we see today.

Day Gecko
Scales & Tails

Grades 2 & Under

Cold blooded friends from geckos to skinks will amaze you with their survival features. Touch their scales, examine their amazing tongues as you interact with LIVE animals at Burpee!

Fees & Details
In-Person Tours:
  • $5.00 per student/chaperone (Teachers are no charge) 
  • 60 min per tour
  • $1.00 per student for extra explore time
  • Lab/Workshops add-ons are extra charge
  • Lunchroom can be reserved (ask for details)
Virtual Tours:
  • $5.00 per student (Teachers are no charge)
  • About 45 min per tour
  • PLUS FREE UNLIMITED explore time after the tour (Same month, same group. Teachers are no charge)

Virtual visits can be scheduled for AM, PM or both AND include a Burpee guide Visits/explore time can happen in your classroom/home 24/7

Contact Us: For more important information about bringing your group to Burpee contact us at 815-965-3433 Or By Email:

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Burpee offers more than 15 different field trips, over 10 different lab sessions, check-out labs, activities and more.  You can narrow your search through the buttons below, browse options below, or contact us for more information and assistance.  

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NOTE: Due to COVID-19 Burpee Lab Experiences are limited in size and quantity

Enhance your field trip in our STEM lab to get hands on and deeper into specific topics.  Each engaging lab features activities and investigations to reinforce the science concepts of our tour.  Our labs are aligned to NGSS Scientific and Engineering Practices as well as the NGSS DCI.  


preK-12 options


Most Labs & workshops last approximately 60 min (contact us for more details) and pair well with a museum tour for a 120 min experience at Burpee.  Some labs for older students are longer (ex: 2 hours). You can choose if you want to add a tour or only do the lab experience.  Contact us for assistance in planning.

Fees & Pricing:

Workshops and Labs that are 60 min. cost $5 per student (teachers and chaperones are included at no charge)

Workshop/Lab Topics:

From dinosaurs to reptiles, and from Native American culture to windows to our local watersheds and wilderness…Burpee offers revamped workshops and labs that are aligned to NGSS science expectations. 

Plan for Lunch:

If your group plans to have lunch at the museum, you will need to bring sack lunches and reserve the lunchroom as part of your visit.  

Reserve Your Date SOON:

Our calendar fills quickly. Contact our education team for the best selection of dates as soon as possible.   

Contact Us:

For more important information about bringing your group to Burpee contact us at 815-965-3433 or email education coordinator Nicole.

Lab & Workshop Topics
Discover Card
Fossil Lab
Fossil & Dino Lab

Native American Workshop
Native American Cultural Workshop

Geology Curriculum Pack
Evaluate What Rocks Lab