Expeditions 2024


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Have you ever wanted to dig up real dinosaur bones?

Every summer, crews from Burpee Museum lead expeditions to the Badlands of Utah and Montana to participate in fossil excavations. Team members prospect for new bones eroding out of the hills and learn how to excavate fossils properly and how to protect them for their journey back to the Burpee paleontology lab, where they will be cleaned by skilled fossil preparators for research and exhibit.

No Experience Needed

No Experience is needed to join the team. Our paleontologists will provide hands-on training in the field on how to recognize dinosaur bones and proper excavation techniques to remove them from the rock safely.


New to Expeditions?

Look through some FAQ’s about Burpee Museum Dino Adventures!


Jurassic Journey

Location: Hanksville, Utah
  • Week 1: May 13-17
  • Week 2: May 20-24
  • Week 3: June 3-7
  • Week 4: June 10-14
  • Week 5: June 17-21

Expedition Rates
Full Week
  • New Participants: $1500.00
  • Returning Participants/Students/Members: $1300.00
Daily Rates (Minimum of 3 days)
  • New Participants: $300/day
  • Returning Participants/Students/Members: $275/day
Highway to Hell Creek
Location: Ekalaka, Montana
  • Montana Week 1: TBA
  • Montana Week 2: TBA
Expedition Rates
Full Week
  • General Public: TBA
  • Educator/Student/Returning Participant: TBA

Guests arrive Sunday and depart Friday

(Fee includes lodging, meals, dig site transportation, and Rapid City airport transportation as needed.)

Jurassic Journey

Expedition Option #1: Located in Hanksville, Utah

Journey to the Jurassic at the Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur Quarry.  This is one of the largest dinosaur bonebeds in the US and preserves the remains of more than 15 different dinosaurs, including Allosaurus, Diplodocus, Camarasaurus, and Apatosaurus. Participants will spend the week working in the Mars-like landscape of the Jurassic Morrison Formation that dates back to 150-145 million years ago.

Highway to Hell Creek

Expedition #2: Location: Ekalaka, Montana

The Hell Creek Formation contains some of the most iconic dinosaurs in the world, including Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, and the tank-like Ankylosaurus. The Burpee Museum has been working in southeast Montana since 2000 and has discovered thousands of fossils. Our juvenile T. rex, Jane, and our sub-adult Triceratops, Homer, were both discovered and excavated by Burpee volunteers who participated in the program. We currently have numerous dinosaur sites that we will revisit in the summer of 2024.

Registration Details: Mail, Email, or Drop off form to register

Registration Contact
  • 737 N. Main St. Rockford IL 61103
  • joshua.mathews@burpee.org
Down payment
  • The down payment is $400 per person
  • If Burpee has to cancel a session due to non-interest, you will receive a full refund.
  • Down payments can be mailed, paid in person, or by credit card over the phone (815-965-343)



Federal law requires that all vertebrate fossils collected be deposited into the collection of the Burpee Museum of Natural History. You will be credited with the discovery of all specimens you collect, and your finds will be a valuable asset to the Museum for research, display, and education. Field expeditions can be physically challenging. Burpee Museum of Natural History reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Call 815.965.3433 for more information.

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