Young Learners

Young Learners

Let Curiosity Lead!

Programming for young learners begins with excitement, exposure, and experience.  Each of our young learner opportunities feature hands on experiences with guided tours in the museum tailored to the attention span, and energy levels of your amazing students!  We are thrilled to bring them into our natural science museum, and help you cultivate wonder and joy around the natural world!  Perfect for preschool and early elementary students, daycares, and homeschool groups. 

This curriculum is typically a good fit for 3 years olds to 2nd graders.
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What is a fossil? How is it formed? Meet giant dinosaurs, and tiny prehistoric snails in your journey through time! Touch real fossils, and interact with Burpee educators to explore the age of dinos and more!

Ice Age Icy Illinois
Icy Illinois

Head back in time to the cold landscape of Ice Age Illinois! Meet giant mammals of our land: Mammoths, Giant Sloths, Giant Beavers, the humans that hunted, and more! Touch teeth, examine fur, and learn how glaciers shaped the land we see today.

Earth B Feet
Beneath Your Feet!

Hold a rock...where did it come from? What's inside? From awesome minerals, to the giant forces like water or heat...learn how the Earth beneath your feet is formed and can change!

Day Gecko
Scales & Tails

Cold blooded friends from geckos to skinks will amaze you with their survival features. Touch their scales, examine their amazing tongues as you interact with LIVE animals at Burpee!

Windows to Wilderness
Windows to the Wilderness

From wetlands to the woods, explore the habitats of Illinois! Enjoy a prairie tour, and dig into the amazing creatures that call Illinois home! Don't miss the live turtles!

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