PaleoFest 2021

Are You Ready? 

Burpee Museum is once again hosting one of the coolest paleontology festivals in the world.  Don't miss PaleoFest 2021, as we join forces with scientists from around the world and going live on:

March 5, 6, and 7

Join the Fun

Dino-lovers, rock collectors, and fossil diggers unite for an internationally attended festival. Our audience includes scientists and researchers, aspiring scientists, students, paleo-lovers, and even dino-loving kiddos! Many of the talks focus on our speakers' cutting edge research and amazing new finds.

A New Format: VIRTUAL

Burpee Museum is excited to present our 23rd PaleoFest 2021. This year we are virtual for the first time!  As usual, we are boasting an impressive lineup of guest speakers and researchers. Taking advantage of our virtual format, we are bringing more international speakers than usual!  Sneak Peek Below!

We are excited that PaleoFest fans can attend from around the world without travel this year, yet networking, quality talks, and great paleo fun can still continue despite the pandemic.

Not Just for Professional Scientists

Students, interested community members, and aspiring scientists are encouraged to join the experts as they share stories, research, and experiences. It is a great opportunity to make connections and become inspired! Not ready for the lectures? Families can still enjoy hands-on workshops, lectures for children, and activities for families through our easy to use online platform...paleo science is presented in a fun, big way.

Family Fun

Bring your best dino roar, paleo costume, and jump into so many fun ways to win contests, learn about prehistoric animals...and virtually explore the halls of Burpee from your home with our education staff! 

Artists Encouraged!

Enjoy drawing dinosaurs? Learn from the experts in both the lectures and PaleoArt workshops as your art brings to life scenes from long ago that no human has seen before!

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PaleoFest Family Track
VIRTUAL Special PaleoActivities

VIRTUAL Museum Activities, Special learning, exhibit tours, and activities throughout the museumAdd-on workshops, classes, and more!

Great for the whole family. Dig deeper into paleo time periods, as well as speak to visiting scientists and artists!

VIRTUAL Research Talks

For scientists...and scientists at heart!

Talks about cutting edge Paleo Research. Students, interested community members, and aspiring scientists are encouraged to join the experts!

VIRTUAL Student Symposium

K-12 Student Event

Join us for live chats with scientists, view their photos, and learn about researching and adventures.

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Sponsor Virtual PaleoFest 2021

Help Make 2021 A Success

Reach a large group of local families, scientists, and many from abroad!

Who To Expect at PaleoFest 2021
Speaker Sneak Peek!

Dr. Julie Meachen, DeMoine University (Topic: Wolf Pup Mummy)

Dr. Diego Pol, Museo Paleontologico Egidio Feruglio

Dr. Thomas Holtz, University of Maryland

Dr. Caitlin Colleary, Cleveland Museum of Natural History

A History of PaleoFest
About Burpee Museum's Paleofest

Started in 1999, PaleoFest has become an internationally recognized & respected program that celebrates the science of Paleontology. PaleoFest is an exemplar program to excite, educate & inspire all people in science. This 3-day event includes many educational programs & activities for ALL levels of interest in paleontology. Each year, PaleoFest attracts nearly 2,000 visitors and some of the biggest names in the field.