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Want to enhance your classroom experience or community event with science?

Burpee Museum has a variety of outreach programs that revolve around biology, paleontology, and geology! From live reptiles, to fossils, and insect specimens, we have fun activities and learning experiences for all ages!

Outreaches can be as simple as a guest speaker in your classroom who brings specimens for the class to see as well as discussion of a particular topic, or more involved with multiple live animals rotating through several classrooms.  While we do perform large auditorium multi-class or even multi-grade presentations, we find that rotating through classrooms in a smaller setting allows the students more hands-on interaction and time to engage in experiments, discussions, and activities.

Make it a Recurring Visit

Enhance science curriculum at your school through a mult-visit package.  We will coordinate to your curriculum, standards, and learning objectives while bringing exciting, engaging, and hands on materials!

Hosting a STEM Night?

We love to make your family event even better with special Burpee activities such as live animal meet, learn, and interacts as well as dino dig pits and more.

For more information or to set up an outreach event with us, contact Nicole Hayes (

Most Requested Outreaches
Discover Card
Ice visiting School
Live Reptiles

Learn about Burpee's live reptiles, their adaptations, and their relationship to humans!

Fossil Outreach T rex students
Fossils & Dinosaurs

Learn about the history of Earth, geological time, and view fascinating fossils and geology specimens!

Northern Cardinals

Learn all about birds, both native and non-native, and see some amazing specimens from our vast collection!

Mammal Badge

Learn about local animals, where and how they live. Observe tracks, teeth, and skulls of herbivores and carnivores, and touch skin and furs!

BSA Insect Study

Interact with all types of insects, including live insects such as the hissing cockroach. Learn about crustaceans and fossilized insects!

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