Insects Outreach

Adaptations of Insects & Arthropods

Beyond buzzing bees and flies…the world of arthropods is so diverse! We will bring it to your classroom as you experience examples of arthropod clades and common insect orders! ITS ALIVE! We will bring living examples for your students to interact with as well as share the history of once-living creatures that might make your skin crawl (just think of a 6-foot arthropleura that looks like a modern centipede)!

Turn back time, view insect fossils, and learn about adaptations millions of years in the making!

From life-size and cycles charts and anatomy charts, we will help paint a picture of this diverse world of the arthropod. Enjoy the beautiful specimens from around the world, experience amazing diversity, and explore the features of these mighty creatures!

Lecture & Station formats

Geared for All Ages

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Note: Some insects only traveled seasonally (e.g., Monarch Butterflies).


Learn how to identify various insects and arthropods!


Explore our vast collection of insects!


Learn about worms and how they can absorb substances through their skin with our hands-on activities!