Holocene Holiday Hero

Holocene Holiday

Celebrate the holidays with animals of the Ice Age!

Dive into the past, and experience what life was like in the Ice Age during our Holocene Holiday event on December 30th, 10am-4:30pm. From mammoths, to glaciers, to people of the Ice Age, get the opportunity to learn interesting facts about this unique time period for some holiday fun!

Over the last 1.6 million years, the world has changed dramatically...

Strange large mammals, now extinct, inhabited the tundra around the periphery of glaciers. Mammoths and mastodons traveled in herds, the saber-toothed cat, or Smilodon, hunted for prey, and many of the animals we know today roamed the land. Check out both the survivors and fossils of the past during Holocene Holiday!

General Admission Cost:

  • Nonmembers: $14 adults | $12 kids 4-12 | 3 & Under Free 
  • Members attend for FREE

Interactive Ice Age Stations:

  • Ice Age Survivors 
  • Pleistocene Plants 
  • Ice Age Peoples
  • Mammoths & Mastodons
  • Ice Age Around the World
  • Sculpting the Landscape
  • Sizing Up the Ice Age
  • Holocene Hall of Fame (La Brea & Other Landforms)
  • Frigid Photo Booth 

Ice Age Art of the Earth (ages 7+):

  • Learn how artists and scientists work together to create a visual representation of animals from the Ice Age period that we have never seen before! In this class, learn about the Dire Wolf, a formidable Ice Age predator. We'll be asking questions like what was it like as an animal during this time period? What as the world like that it lived in? And was it actually even a wolf?
  • Sessions: 11am-12pm or 2pm-3pm
  • Cost: $5 for Members, $10 for Nonmembers

Ice Age Workshop (ages 3+):

  • Did you know ice sheets, which are taller than skyscrapers, covered Chicago and created the Great Lakes? Today, we find evidence of cooler times on our planet and fossils of amazing animals like mammoths! But, how did Earth get so cold, and what does this mean for our future? Join our workshop to learn about the fascinating features of the Ice Age's environment, model glaciers, and play the Ice Age Survivors Game!
  • Sessions: 12:30pm-1:30pm or 3:30pm-4:30pm
  • Cost: $8 for Members, $12 for Nonmembers

Preregistration may be done online through eventbrite, or by calling Burpee's visitor services department (815-965-3433). Walk-ins are welcome to attend as well.

What to expect
Discover Card
The Ice Age

Learn all about the animals, plants, and people of the Ice Age time period!

Ice Age Sabertooth Art of Earth Img Car.jpg
Special Art of the Earth

Get the opportunity to learn how to draw animals from the Ice Age with our resident artist!

Glacial Landforms

Experience the climate during the Ice Age, and learn about glaciers and other landforms that developed during the time period at educational booths and workshops!

Ice Age
Extinct vs. Survivors

Learn about the animals that lived together during the Ice Age, and which ones went extinct and which ones are still alive today!