Dead Is Cool Hero

Dead is cool.

October 30, 2021

What better way to spend your Rockford Halloween than among the dead at Burpee Museum? From taxidermy, to fossils, to wet collections, Burpee is Scary Cool!

Join Us!

This special event is sneaking up on you!  Don't be spooked!

Haunted Burpee (October 30, 5-8pm)

An evening event with drinks, dinos, and dead things!  The event features a rare access event: Tours of the Barnes Mansion.  You can walk through this beautiful victorian home with an amazing story and a ghostly guide who will open the doors to the past.  Enjoy museum wide special displays from the art of taxidermy, to eyeball dissection!  Wonder into a fun game set up in the East African exhibit and find your lost friend among the predators of the night armed with a flashlight.  What a better way to kick off your Halloween weekend than with a haunted home and museum full of cool dead stuff! (details below pre-register to reserve your spot)

Interested in the family event? Learn about Scary Science Treats Here


Discover Card
Haunted Burpee Barnes Profile
Barnes Mansion

Guided Tours

Find out for yourself if it is really "haunted"

Julia Barnes
Julia Barnes

Rockford Resident

Walk through her home, hear the family stories!

Taxidermy & Dissection


Learn how we preserve our precious dead things!

Night Safari Game
Safari Games

Night Challenge

Find your missing crew-mates among the dangers of the Serengeti


Haunted Burpee

NEW After-Hours Event!

Saturday, October 30: 5pm-8pm

General Admission Cost: $12 Members can attend for FREE!

Admission Includes:
  • Taxidermy demonstrations 
  • Creatures of the Night
  • Exploration of Bones and more BONES!
  • Mad Scientist Lab
  • Cash Bar
  • Museum wide ambiance with fun music and lights
Add Ons:
  • Barnes Mansion Tour: $5
    • A rare opportunity to see a building usually closed to the general public!
    • Explore Rockford's beautiful Barnes Mansion built in 1893
    • Enjoy the glamor of this victorian home restored to its 1890's-1920's glory
    • Enjoy history and haunted stories from a 1920's spirit: your guide returning from the dead to bring the home back to life for you!
  • Safari Game: $5
    • You have lost your crew-mate in the Serengeti!  Get clues to find the darkness of the East African wildlife exhibit, armed with only a flashlight!
    • Big cats come out to hunt...realize how much scarier a lion's roar can be at night!
    • You will never expect what is lurking around the corner!


Burpee's Barnes Mansion is rated the 2nd most haunted place in Rockford, has been featured on multiple ghost hunting shows...and it sure deserves it's reputation, just ask our staff.