Fossils & Dinosaurs Outreach

Journey Through Time!

Nothing compares to TOUCHING the real thing! Let Burpee bring your classroom back in time to the age of dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period AND way back to when our location was underwater in the Ordovician!

Starting 450 Million Years Ago

In the Ordovician, students will meet the organisms from crinoids to gastropods to the huge cephalopod predators! Large fossils and models will decorate your classroom, as well as touchable samples for all students.

A Six Foot Bug?

Travel to the Carboniferous Time Period and examine the age of huge ferns and enormous insects! Explore ancient insects and their connection to modern-day ones with some examples that might make your skin crawl (Think 6-foot millipede creature called an arthropleura)

The Age of Dinosaurs

Of course, we bring the dinos…we can’t forget the ROCK STARS of the Cretaceous like Jane the T. rex!  Compare skulls and even map out the huge sizes of dinosaurs with ropes.  Could one fit in your classroom?  Then we can get tiny…and check out the smaller critters running under the dinosaur’s feet 65 million years ago.  Can you guess who that was?

Burpee educators will inspire and entertain in this standard-driven outreach to your school!

Claw or tooth_

Get your hands on real and replica fossils from the era of dinosaurs. Let’s ID these together using important clues! Is it a tooth…a horn…or a claw? What animal did it belong to?

Fossil Id Outreach
Fossil Identification

Crack open the box of fossils from multiple time periods, and see if you can figure out what you have! Can you put them in order from oldest to newest? Each group gets its own set to touch and examine!

Dino Presentations

While we love to work in small groups too, a multi-classroom experience of “WALK THROUGH TIME” is exciting with videos and demonstrations.

compare skulls
Compare Skulls

How does a grown-up T. rex compare to our young Jane the T. rex? Students can hold and compare the skull parts of this amazing predator.