Bird Outreach: AVES!

Feathered Friends Come To YOU!

Explore the amazing flying, bipedal (moving on two limbs while on the ground) world Aves (Birds!).  From the amazing predator RAPTORS (Hawks and Eagles) to the intelligent CORVIDS (Bluejays and Crows), Burpee will bring special examples of full-sized bird mounts to examine.

These amazing creatures have evolved specialized structures allowing flight.  We will learn the biology and the physics of flight while making flying paper airplanes to test our hypotheses and ideas.

Beaks and feet are really diverse in the world of birds.  Try out different tools to simulate eating with differently shaped beaks and learn how these amazing mouthparts have evolved for specific habitat diets.  Touch real bird feet and experience the delicate nature of a sparrow and the razor-sharp claws of a raptor.

Burpee educators will inspire and entertain in this standard-driven outreach to your school!

Bird Food

Learn different ways beaks work, from crushing to filtering to drilling and more! Test the beak styles on different foods!

bird skull
Bird Skulls

Examine different skulls of birds and learn how structure, function, and habitat are critical components of the animal’s success.

cardnals and girl
Real Birds

Examine the birds up close with our traveling taxidermy collection.