A River Of Dinosaurs: A Jurassic Journey

It was a dino hunter’s dream.

In 2007 Burpee Museum discovered a massive dinosaur bonebed in the Morrison Formation near the town of Hanksville, Utah. Burpee paleontologists explored the area on a tip from the local geologist. On their first expedition to the location, the Burpee team found pieces of dinosaur bone everywhere! After careful excavation of the site over the past 13 years, Burpee has uncovered thousands of fossils! The Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur Quarry has become a scientifically significant research locality, dubbed “a river of dinosaurs.”

A Jurassic Journey

The site dates back to the Late Jurassic period, 150–145 million years ago. In addition to a minimum of 8 dinosaur species, there are fossils of turtles, crocodiles, freshwater bivalves, possible mammal burrows, and petrified logs, representing a snapshot of the ancient ecosystem Work continues at this site today. Each season, scientists are finding more information about the animals, plants, and conditions of the Morrison Formation. Each clue helps scientists piece together the Jurassic world of these amazing creatures!

Research Continues

This exhibit is based on ongoing field and lab work. More specimens become part of the Burpee collection each year. YOU can help Burpee in the field by attending an expedition!