Volunteer Apprentice

Apprentice Volunteers

Volunteers Ages 14-17

Apprentice volunteers join Burpee for many reasons from a love of the science community, to earning volunteer hours for school community service, and building their resume and college application skills.  At Burpee, you can learn skills that translate to future science experiences, and even jobs! 

Volunteer Apprentices require parent/guardian consent and introduction training prior to first volunteer experience. All Volunteers must abide by the Burpee Code of Volunteer Conduct to continue active volunteer hours.

Possible Roles

Animal Care

Get up close with our animals, and become the expert!  We need your help fixing enclosures, cleaning, feeding, and socializing animals.  You can learn to handle animals such as the Giant New Caledonian Gecko, Pythons, Skinks, Tegus, and more! Share, and grow, your knowledge by talking to visitors about the animals, and even teaching other young visitors to hold and interact with animals!

Special Events

This is the easiest, and most common way to earn community service hours for your school.  Teach the visitors about science!  You will get to run a booth and activity, share facts, and help people engage with new learning experiences.

Weekend/Day off School Docent

Keep the museum exciting by walking around with different teaching items.  Carry a polar bear's fur, or an extinct animal's skull and teach the guests something new!

Education Assistant 

Help our educators get ready for classes! You will help set up rooms, prepare tools for classes, and even help teach young learners.

You Might Work On...
Discover Card

Teaching Science

Volunteer Apprentices show students how to dissect and understand the anatomy of these different species.

Dinosaur Classes

Paleontology Meets Art

A volunteer apprentice teaches scouts about Jane's anatomy and how he can incorporate the scientific information into his paleoart.

Animal Care

Sharing a Tortoise

A volunteer apprentice holds a tortoise for visitors to greet during a special event.