University & College Visits

Apply & Experience!

Programming for adult learners is designed to bring exhibits to a higher level, bring custom integration to your curriculum, and provide experiential learning.  From tours of the museum with staff experts to integrated internships and extended lab opportunities, Burpee is excited to offer opportunities for college and university students and faculty.

Single Day Visits

Single-day trips can include tours led by paleontologists or biologists, collections tours, and laboratory visits.  Burpee also offers on-site visits to your school, as well as virtual options.

Internships & Field Work

Extended relationships with courses include trips to Burpee’s dinosaur research sites in Utah or Montana, lab internships, research-based internships, educational internships, and more.

Trips to Burpee Museum are excellent for natural science majors, science elective classeseducation majors learning more about science education opportunities, and continuing education classes.

Contact us to set up a unique experience for your students.