Nature Art Hero

Art of the Earth

Natural History Art Classes

Enhance your visit with a 60 min art class on Select Saturdays at the museum for only $3 ($2 members)!

Learn how artists and scientists can work together to create a visual representation of a time on Earth we have never seen before: PaleoArt! Learn how to draw a T-rex or Allosaurus using modern models, skeletons, and research. Imagine a mammoth, and learn how artists recreate amazing prehistoric worlds through sculpture, video, painting, and more! Classes are taught by Burpee Museum resident artists. Examine plants, skulls, and  animals up close and learn techniques that bring nature to life in your art!

What to Expect

Basic supplies are included in the registration fee.  Students should feel free to bring personal supplies they like to use. Each class lasts about 1 hour with guided instruction, however students are welcome to stay longer and continue their work. Because admission is included in class fee, students should feel free to remain and explore the museum after class!

The Same curriculum is repeated twice each day

Session #1 @ 11am

Session #2 @ 1pm


Admission is included in the registration fee.  Preregistration may be done online through eventbrite, or by calling Burpee's visitor services department.  Walk-ins are welcome to attend as well.

Adults: $15 ($12 admission + $3 class fee)

Children 7-12: $13 ($10 admission + $3 class fee)

Members: $2 ($0 admission + $2 class fee)


Discover Card
Jane Exhibit
Drawing Jane

Jan 15 @ 11am & 1pm

From shapes, to sketching, to shading, learn how to draw a dinosaur skull from a distance from a resident paleoartist educator!

Lizard head and torso between plants
Molding Palaeosaniwa

Jan 29 @ 11am & 1pm

Mold your own ancient reptile and learn to add its scales! See the morphologies that help us understand its life and compare that to our LIVE reptiles at the museum!

Trilobites in sediment
Painting Trilobites

Feb 12 @ 11am & 1pm

See the intricacies of these arthropods and their body shape! From their eye stalks to spines, the changes in their physical appearance inform scientists of their age! Paint your own and try to determine its age!

Opossum sniffing the ground
Drawing Didelphodon

Feb 26 @ 11am & 1pm

Explore the anatomy of this non-marsupial & see how that affects its reconstruction! Sketch shade and learn about its powerful bite while drawing it’s mandible!