Mammals Outreach

Warm Blooded Creatures Abound!

Let Burpee bring the Mammals alive in your classroom.  We will bring and explore pelts, skulls, teeth, and so much more!

Learn how different mammals have amazing features suited for different habitats, as well as how our changing planet (think the Midwest during the ice age until today…) has changed what mammals can be successful in our region!

Go on a hike…you might not find mammals, so learn about the clues they leave for us to learn, like tracks in the mud or snow and scat (poop!) to tell us about how they survive.

Burpee educators will inspire and entertain in this standard-driven outreach to your school!

Skins & Furs

Touch and feel all different types of skins and furs!


Get the chance to hold tiny bones and skeletons!


See our vast skull collection and learn about comparative anatomy!

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Learn about how animals keep warm by using blubber. Get the chance to feel simulated blubber through our educational activities!