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Burpee Explorers

Explore With Burpee

Journey across continents, underground, and into the air to explore giant animals, slippery snakes, the history of our Earth and more! Remember that your classes include admission, so sign up and stay to enjoy the museum.

Explorer science classes are suitable for ages 7 & Up.

Scheduling for the whole family?

Starting in January 2022, during the same time spot, Burpee offers Kidventues in Science (3-6 years) and Sensory Scientists (3 & Under)!

Cancellation/ Refund Policy:

Due to cost of supplies and staffing, last minute (less than 48 hours) cancellations are non-refundable. Please be aware that we sometimes have to cancel a program because it did not reach the minimum registration requirement – Don’t wait until the last minute to sign up or your program may already be cancelled! Burpee Museum reserves the right to limit registrations and cancel any program for any reason. Every effort will be made to contact participants.

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Blue Whale
Jan. 15

Under the Sea

What lives deep underwater? Invertebrates, vertebrates, mammals and fish! Explore sea life from tiny crustaceans to the giant blue whale! Investigate the ecosystem of coral reefs and limestone fossils to see what ancient ocean relatives lived in Illinois!

Frog in water
Feb. 19

Aquatic Animals

From leaping frogs to slimy salamanders, we’re exploring a different order of the animal kingdom: Amphibians! Investigate osmosis, see LIVE amphibians, and create a model to show the drastic physical changes in an amphibian's life cycle!

Bee on flowers
March 12

Buzzing Bugs

Pick up a microscope and investigate the tiniest creatures on the bottom of our food chain! Examine their bodies, count their multiple legs, and explore their ectothermic temperatures! Investigate how bees collect pollen, and make your own insect!

Falcon flying
April 2

Fly High

Soar through the sky and examine the different types of birds from around the world: from fast forest flyers to sea soarers. Discover differences between their beaks, feet, wings and even the contents of their homes. Try your hand at making your own bird!

May 14

Growing Gills

From the smallest anchovies to the largest sharks, the diversity of fish is astounding! Learn how these creatures swim through the water with ease, test the buoyancy of sharks, and examine how exactly gills help them breathe underwater!