Girl with backpack stands on a hiking trail

Burpee Explorers


Burpee Explorers are back!

Join the Burpee Explorers as we  journey across continents, underground, and everywhere to explore giant animals, slippery snakes, the history of our Earth and more! These camps are four days filled with fun!

Camps are suitable for ages 7 & Up.

Time:  9am - 3pm.

Note: Burpee Museum will not provide snacks or lunch.  Please pack your own for the break time and the lunch break. All unaccompanied children need to be bathroom trained. If your child is not, please plan to attend the class with your child< 

Burpee Explorers Digs Deeper this Summer!
Planted Roots - Registration closed-

June 14 - June 17

Plant your feet, and your food, as we explore the wide world of plants! Explore all about plants from those with roots to “air plants.” Join us in planning and building a garden at Burpee and get excited about interacting with the wilderness.


Safari In The Serengeti -Registration closed-

July 12 - 15

Explore life over 8,000 miles away as we travel all the way to Africa! From the Maasai culture to the iconic animals, explore the beauty of East African culture.


Mineral Magic

July 19 - 22

Explore the sparkling minerals hidden underneath Earth’s surface! Each mineral has its own properties and unique looks. These are the ingredients that build EVERY ROCK! Get up close with Burpee’s huge rock and mineral collection behind the scenes and enjoy the inorganic world!


Sneaky Scales

July 26-29

Burpee is full of cold blooded companions ready to meet you and share the exciting world of herpetology. Explore the live reptiles we take care of at the Burpee Museum! Young zoologists will love this chance to meet, handle, and learn about the cold blooded critters that call Burpee home. Travel around the world and engage in hands-on learning about herpetology.