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Burpee is offering a hybrid of in person and 100% virtual classes.  Participating scouts will have access to virtual reality museum experience, videos, activities, and more!

All scout classes will be held virtually until tier three mitigations have lifted in Illinois

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Scouting Classes FAQ

During the date of the final class component, scouts choosing to participate in-person will be socially distanced in our large Riverview Auditorium for activities and discussions.  Students participating virtually will schedule an online meeting with the merit badge counselor to review requirements.   

$15.00 per Scout

Preregistration and prepayment are required for all scout workshops. Register online (links below) or by phone (815.965.3433)

Please Note: Burpee does not provide patches/badges

NOTE: Pre-registration is required and class registrations close 5 business days before the class date

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the BSA Scout class take?

Class time will vary depending on requirements.  The in-person component takes about 3 hours.  The homework requirements will vary based on participant.  The videos in the virtual museum will take about 1 hour to complete.  If you are completing your badge virtually, the online zoom meeting with a Burpee Instructor will be from 1 to 1.5 hours.  

What do I do if my badge requires a presentation of a project or other information to a group?  

You have three choices here

  1. You can present during your in person time at the museum
  2. There will be time scheduled during the Zoom meeting to present your project or information.
  3. Or you can present it to another group(per BSA guidelines) and share the video or slideshow of your presentation with your Burpee Instructor via email or google drive.
What if I don’t want to or can’t make a Zoom meeting with the Burpee Instructor?

Burpee will schedule Zoom meetings throughout the year.  You should register for the meeting date and time that best fits your schedule.  IF you are online, you will will be required to have some online meeting, but you are welcome to bring the adult of your choosing to the meeting.  If you miss your meeting time, you can reschedule for a later date.  If at all possible, let Burpee know ahead of time if you will not be able to make your scheduled meeting, as there may be a wait list for other scouts. Be aware that meetings will be limited to a certain number of participants, so you may have to wait for an open meeting.

If you prefer to meet with a Burpee instructor one on one, we can schedule an individual meeting/chat time.  However you will be required to meet BSA Youth Protection guidelines.  A parent, guardian, or troop leader must be present at all times, even during an online interaction.  In the event that a parent, guardian or troop leader is not present  or leaves the meeting, the meeting will be cancelled or ended.

What can I expect from an online BSA class with Burpee?

You will receive an email with detailed information about homework, projects and other requirements for your badge.  If needed, supplemental materials such as worksheets or directions will be attached, or a link will be provided.  Links will also be provided to Burpee’s virtual museum where scouts can watch videos and see objects from our exhibits and collections.

Scouts will have the opportunity to meet with a Burpee Educator online to present their projects and discuss what they have learned in the virtual museum.  

These classes are designed to meet all of the requirements of the badge offered.

How can I submit my completed homework?

You have three choices here

  1. Submit homework at the in-person portion of the badge
  2. Submit your homework via email or as a shared document to your Burpee Instructor.
  3. Mail your homework to the museum (include address)  
How will I get my badge?

Your Burpee Instructor will keep track of your requirements.  When you have met all requirements for the badge including projects, presentations and homework, your instructor will sign your blue card in-person or send it to you, or complete the certification online for you.