Fossil and Earth History Curriculum Pack

Fossil & Dino Lab

Enhance your field trip!

What better place to learn about dinosaurs than the museum with the most complete juvenile T-rex in the world? Come face to face with real dinos, peer into our working paleontology lab and learn more about the scientific process for using fossil evidence!

Laboratory Workshop Details
Lab Summary:

Hold, examine, and classify real fossils. Enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of working with real plant, invertebrate, and dinosaur fossils. Use evidence to create your own hypotheses and present it to your peers. It is time to step into the role of a paleontologist and “dig” into the past.

Grades Available:

PreK-1: DinoMite! Lab

Grades 2-5: Fossil & Dino Tour Lab

Grades 6-8: Journey of a Paleontologist Lab

Grades 9-12: Research & Evidence: Paleontology Today Lab


$5 per student


About 60 min

Pre-Registration Required: Email or call 815.965.3433