Science Workshops Ages 6-9

All Workshops meet on Thursdays from 2-4pm
Pre-registration and payment are required

Per Workshop: $12 members/$9 additional siblings

$16 non members/$13 non members additional siblings

Classes are based on the AIMS (Activities Investigating Mathematics and Science) curriculum, initiated by National Science Foundation funding. Students will observe, measure, estimate, predict, classify, and gather and record data.

  • Quaking Earth  Thursday 4/9/15 

Two investigations provide an idea of what happens to the surface of Earth and buildings when the Earth quakes.

  • Volcanoes  Thursday 4/23/15 

Explore how volcanoes erupt and discover rapid earth changes. Then, make and explode a volcano!

  • A Close Look at Air  Thursday 5/7/15 

Conduct experiments to observe the properties of air.   

  • The Wind Blows Which Way?  Thursday 5/21/15 

Observe and measure the speed and direction of the wind.