Science Workshops Ages 6-9

All Workshops meet on Thursdays from 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Registration and payment are required

Per Workshop: $12 members/$9 additional siblings

$16 non members/$13 non members additional siblings


Classes are based on the AIMS (Activities Investigating Mathematics and Science) curriculum, initiated by National Science Foundation funding. Students will observe, measure, estimate, predict, classify, and gather and record data

A Watershed in Your Hand: October 2

Create a watershed model. Discover how water flows.

Hello Watershed: October 16

Discover who and what shares your watershed.  

What Makes Soil?: October 30

Not all soil is the same! Examine the composition of different soils and identify layers of soil. .

Don't Mix Me UP!: November 13

Some plants grow better in certain soil; study soils and their effect on plant growth.

Hard as a Rock: December 4

All rocks are hard, but some are harder than others! Experiment with characteristics of rocks.

Pet Rocks and Memory Rocks: December 18

Do you have a pet rock? Discover all the ways people use rocks.