Holocene Holiday Press Release

December 19th, 2022 – Celebrate the Holidays with Burpee Museum’s Holocene Holiday

ROCKFORD – Celebrate the holidays with Burpee Museum’s Holocene Holiday on Friday, December 30th, at Rockford’s most fossil-packed location! The museum will be full of one-day-only activities for adults and children alike from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Dive into the past and take a trip from the Holocene epoch to experience what life was like during the Ice Age! From mammoths to glaciers to people of the Ice Age, get the opportunity to learn interesting facts about this unique time period for some holiday fun!

‘Burpee Museum is proud to welcome everyone to our brand new event’

“Burpee Museum is proud to welcome everyone to our brand new event, which will showcase the world of the Ice Age,” said Ryan Pickerill, Education Lead. “Meet extinct giants, like the Columbian Mammoth and the Smilodon, as well as animals and plants that survived the Ice Age and can still be found alive today! See how the glaciers sculpted Illinois, lowered sea levels, and changed the very face of the Earth.”

Special holiday workshops, such as PaleoArt, will be available, where guests can use reasoned speculation and scientific evidence to make decisions when drawing one of North America’s most famous prehistoric predators–Dire Wolves–as well as a unique “Age of Ice” workshop that will highlight how glaciers have shaped landscapes and feature an Ice Age Animal Survival game–will your animal survive the end of the Ice Age?

“Holocene Holiday will feature special educational content, crafts, unique items from Burpee’s collections that the public rarely gets to see, and an animal scavenger hunt,” said Ryan. “We are excited to share this new educational opportunity with the community and cannot wait to see everyone there!”

To learn more information and to sign up for workshops, visit:

Media Contact: Mackenzie Seymour, Marketing Coordinator (mackenzie.seymour@burpee.org)