Fossil & Dino Lab

Enhance your field trip!

What better place to learn about dinosaurs than the museum with the most complete juvenile T-rex in the world? Come face to face with real dinos, peer into our working paleontology lab, and learn more about the scientific process for using fossil evidence!

Lab Summary:

Take your field trip to the next level with a special class for your students. Experience and participate in how fossilization works and how paleontologists study fossils! Create fossil replicas, learn to identify fossils, and discover how experts excavate dinosaur bone beds.

1. Fossil Replica Making, Fossil Identification Activity- K-5th grade

2. Dig Site Activity and Lab Tour- Middle School

It pairs well with the Fossil-Dino Tour or Geology Tour.


$7 per student


About 60 min

Pre-Registration Required: Email or call 815.965.3433