Dino Expedition Adventures

Burpee in the Field

Every summer, Burpee Museum heads up research trips looking for clues to our Earth’s past.  YOU can join these trips through our Dinosaur Expedition programs in May, June, and August.  Here are some frequently asked questions.


What Are the Burpee Dino Expeditions?


Every year, Burpee Museum runs public dinosaur expeditions to two different locations: Utah and Montana.  Both sites have been active research locations for over 15 years and continue to be at the forefront of ongoing research and discovery.  If you are to join these expeditions, you will be working directly with fossils under the guidance of Burpee Paleontologists.  The two locations are quite different in both types of animals you will find and work with, as well as terrain and lodging accommodations. Absolute beginners are welcome. Onsite training and supplies are included in the expedition fee structure.

Utah: Excavating a tangle of fossils
Utah: Plaster finished and rib ready
Montana Truck
Montana: Gathering supplies
Montana: Prospecting and hiking

Which expedition is right for me?


Montana is for you if: you enjoy hiking, walking, and prospecting! Exciting finds happen each year, and some seasons offer very different experiences, from looking for microfossils to excavating large dinosaurs.   The team atmosphere is emphasized through learning lectures in the evening and group meals.  The experience also includes transportation to and from the many field sites and lodging at the rustic and relaxing Camp Needmore.

Utah is for you if: you are interested in taking a seat in the most beautiful scenery and digging out a single Jurassic animal to your heart’s content.  Unlike many dinosaur expeditions, there is not much required walking for you here.  There is no doubt you will have a fossil to work on!  The quarry is large, with many projects underway.

Hanksville, Utah
Hanksville 01
Hanksville, Utah
Montana Ekalaka 02
Ekalaka, Montana
Montana Ekalaka 01
Ekalaka, Montana

What can we expect in the Hanksville-Burpee Quarry, Utah, Location?


Situated in the unique town of Hanksville, Utah, Burpee runs an annual expedition to the Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur Quarry.

Dino Dig Visiting Options Include:

  • Free public tours (during dig season only)
  • Single-day paid expedition digging
  • 5-day full week adventures

What does the fee structure provide in Hanksville-Burpee Quarry, Utah?

  • Transportation: Burpee provides transportation to and from the site for all paid registrants
  • Resting Spots: Shade tents, chairs, and water are provided during the expedition days.
  • Tools: All excavation tools that are needed are provided for you

What is not provided by Burpee for the  Hanksville-Burpee Quarry, Utah expeditions?

  • Meals
    • Participants should pack a field lunch and snack
    • Dinner/Breakfast is the responsibility of the participant (There are several amazing restaurants in town as well as small grocery stores)
  • Transportation & Lodging
    • Participants typically arrange their own transportation to Hanksville by driving or flying into various airports (Denver, Salt Lake City, Grand Junction) and renting a car to drive to the Hanksville area.
    • Burpee has an option for pick-up from the Grand Junction, CO airport.
    • Local hotels include Whispering Sands, Duke Slickrock, and others.
    • Some participants have brought their RV or chosen to camp as well.

What other adventures might a participant expect at the  Hanksville-Burpee Quarry, Utah expeditions?


Participants enjoy optional hikes searching for petrified wood, agate, fossil oysters, and great views.  Nearby state park visits are as close as 30 min, including Goblin Valley State Park, Horseshoe Canyon, and Capitol Reef National Park.  Many geologic formations are easily viewed and identified by Burpee’s team, including the Dakota Sandstone, Morrison Formation (Brushy Basin Member, Salt Wash Member, and Tidwell Member), Summerville Formation, Curtis Formation, Entrada Sandstone, and many more!

Huge Jurassic Fossils
Hanksville Prospecting
Daily tours of the quarry and work site
Ekalaka, Montana

What can we expect in the Ekalaka, Montana, Location?


Ekalaka, Montana, is in the heart of the Hell Creek Formation.  Burpee runs annual expeditions to the BLM land worked by our staff’s permit.

Options Include:

  • The full week (5-day) adventure
  • Student Week (contact Burpee for more information)

What does the fee structure provide in Ekalaka, Montana?

  • Transportation: Burpee provides transportation for all activities during the week
  • Tools: All excavation tools needed are provided and set for you
  • Meals
  • Lodging


  • On-site Burpee chef will provide a hot breakfast and dinner
  • Burpee provides cold lunches for the field
  • Some snacks & drinks for the field and at camp

Transportation and Lodging

Burpee vehicles and teams will take you to current and new sites to find and dig Cretaceous specimens from dinosaurs to turtles to even tiny microfossil amphibians. This expedition involves hiking up and down the beautiful hills of Montana while prospecting for new dinosaurs or heading to well-explored sites.

Participants typically arrange their own transportation to the Rapid City airport and then are picked up by Burpee staff and transported to Camp Needmore in Ekalaka, or rent a car and drive in themselves.

In the evening, enjoy a relaxing setting at the rustic cabins, or join other members of the expedition for learning lectures and even card games in the mess hall.

Montana3 (1)
Plastering fossils to bring back to Burpee
Montana Crew
Burpee & Volunteer Crew
Montana Dan Microfossil
Sorting Microfossils
Working on a new find