ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS – NOVEMBER 29th – The Burpee Museum of Natural History in Rockford proudly announces its collaboration with YouTube sensation MrBeast, as they joined forces for an extraordinary paleontological adventure. This unique partnership resulted in the excavation of a colossal 5-foot-long femur from a Diplodocus, a long-necked dinosaur that roamed the Earth 66 million years ago.

The concept, reminiscent of the iconic opening scene from Jurassic Park, unfolded over several days as Josh Mathews, Burpee Museum’s dedicated paleontologist, worked in secrecy at the excavation site in Southern Utah. With a crew provided by MrBeast’s team, they meticulously prepared for the awe-inspiring video shoot, which ultimately showcased the unearthing of the massive leg bone and a lower leg bone, identified as the fibula of another Diplodocus.

Since 2007, Mathews and the Burpee Museum crews have been diligently exploring one of the largest dinosaur bone beds in North America. Their efforts have yielded over 1000 bones, representing at least 20 dinosaurs from 9 distinct species.

“We are thrilled to have collaborated with MrBeast on this incredible project,” expressed Anne Weerda, Executive Director of Burpee Museum. “This experience not only highlights the groundbreaking work of our paleontologists but also brings the wonders of dinosaur discovery to a global audience through the lens of one of the internet’s biggest influencers.”

The now-famous Diplodocus femur, affectionately named “Mr Beast,” is on display at the Burpee Museum daily from 10 am to 5 pm. Visitors are invited to witness this extraordinary fossil and delve into the behind-the-scenes story of its excavation. Additionally, those eager to hear firsthand accounts of the experience can meet Josh at the upcoming PaleoFest from March 1-3, 2024.

For enthusiasts seeking a more immersive adventure, the Burpee Museum extends an invitation to join their paleontological digs next year. Explore the prehistoric world and uncover the mysteries of the Diplodocus alongside the expert team at Burpee Museum.

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