Beneath Your Feet

Rocks really do ROCK!

Journey with us…deep into the Earth where rocks are liquid! Touch and feel in our Geology exhibit; we will explore the minerals that make rocks look different and the forces that shape the ground around us, from sand to sandstone! Examine glowing minerals and compare beautiful colors. Together, we will explore how the Earth beneath your feet is formed and can change!

Key Concepts:

Rock cycle, metamorphic, igneous rock, sedimentary rock, minerals, Earth forces, erosion


Asking questions, making observations, analyzing and interpreting data


The program includes moving short distances in groups and sitting on the floor for discussion & activities. Chairs and/or tables are available upon request. We believe there should be no boundaries for your students’ Burpee Museum experience. If you have an accommodation request related to a disability, please get in touch with us at 815-965-3433. We look forward to assisting you.

Standards NGSS:

2-ESS1-1, K-2-ETS1-2, 4-ESS1-1, 3-5-ETS1-2, 5-ESS2-1, MS-ESS3-1, MS-ETS1-2, HS-ETS1-3

The Earth Below Our Feet

Walk through each stage on how magma, or liquid rock, transitions into the sand, soil, and rocks we see every day!


Learn how geological processes influenced living organisms under the sea during the Ordovician period!!

Metamorphism: Heat, & Pressure

Learn about what it takes for limestone to transition into metamorphic rocks, such as marble!

History of Mining

Take a look into Rockford’s mining history, and get to view spectacular geological samples!