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Join us as we read stories, sing songs, spend time in the museum's exhibits, and ignite a passion for science in the tiniest explorers! These camps are from 9am - 10am. Children and caregivers signed up for this camp receive free admission to visit museum exhibits on the day of the class. Sign up for one or take them ALL! These camps are perfect for children ages 3 & under.  Preregistration & prepayment is required.

Winter/ Spring 2022 Adventure Plan
Discover Card
Jan 4, Jan 5

A is for Apatosaurus

Which is bigger: the skull of a 70ft dinosaur or your tiny scientist? Find out and learn more about GIANT sauropods bigger than the museum!

Box Turtle
Jan 18, Jan 19

B is for Box Turtle

Get out of your shell and into fun! See and feel a LIVE turtle & make your own shelled defense!

Feb 1, Feb 2

C is for Chameleon

Mix colors to camouflage your chameleon as you try to catch a yummy cricket lunch!

March 15, March 16

D is for Deer

Grow your OWN ANTLERS and hooves and explore the life of deer!

March 29, March 30

E is for Elephant

See a GIANT elephant up close, paint its portrait, and make your OWN trunk!

April 12, April 13

F is for Fox

Don’t be sly…join us to learn about foxes and feel their soft fur!

April 26, April 27

G is for Gecko

Hang up, down, and all around and feel the sticky feet of geckos!

Humming Bird
May 10, May 11

H is for Hummingbird

Spread your wings and fly fast like tiny hummingbirds!

May 17, May 18

I is for Isopod

Dive underwater to see these crustacean creatures, count their multiple legs, and feel their shells!

May 31, June 1

J is for Javelina

Feel the poking prickling fur and learn about these hoofed pig look-a-likes!

Cancellation/ Refund Policy:

Due to cost of supplies and staffing, last minute (less than 48 hours) cancellations are non-refundable. Please be aware that we sometimes have to cancel a program because it did not reach the minimum registration requirement – Don’t wait until the last minute to sign up or your program may already be cancelled! Burpee Museum reserves the right to limit registrations and cancel any program for any reason. Every effort will be made to contact participants.