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ZooBabies returns to Burpee Museum!

Zoobabies is back by popular demand to engage our smallest scientists!

We’ll read stories, sing songs, spend time in the museum's exhibits, and ignite a passion for science in the tiniest explorers! These camps are from 9am - 10am. Children and caregivers signed up for this camp receive free admission to visit museum exhibits on the day of the class. Sign up for one or take them ALL! These camps are perfect for children ages 3 & under.  Preregistration & prepayment is required.

Summer Adventures Fit For Our Smallest Scientists!
Pint-Sized Planting

Friday, June 18

Baby plants are actually just seeds- so what do they need to grow big and strong like you? Join us to plant your own and find out how plants grow big, strong, and sometimes taller than you!


Rough Rocks

Saturday, June 19

Go on a rock hunt with the Burpee museum! We’ll take a walk, collect some stones, and discuss what makes them all different!


Jumping Jurassic

Tuesday, July 6

Jump up, down, all around as we learn about giant dinosaurs!


Crawling Cretaceous

Wednesday, July 7

Travel back in time to see dinosaurs like Jane the T-Rex!


Playing In the Pleistocene

Thursday, July 8

Play in the snow of the last great Ice Age and learn about how animals survived this frigid cold!


Safari Stories

Friday. July 16

Can you roar louder than a lion? Test it out on this safari where you’ll jump, roar, and explore all the way to East Africa!


Micro Minerals

Friday, July 23

Shining stones will capture the interest of your tiny scientist while we explore minerals and create our own collection!


Small Scales

Friday, July 30

Slither your way into science as we learn about smooth, scaly, snakes! You’ll see LIVE snakes at the museum while we learn about these legless creatures!


Splash Into Water

Wednesday, August 4

Splish- Splash- Science! Make waves in the water as we learn about one of our most important resources!