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Till Death Do Us Part


February 12, 2022

What better way to celebrate your unending LOVE than among the dead we love so much at Burpee Museum? From taxidermy, to fossils, to wet collections, Burpee has a special kind of love!

Join Us!

As we share our love of science and nature, and you celebrate your love for the people who matter most!

Till Death Do Us Part is a special evening event (February 12, 4-7pm)

The event features a rare romantic photo opportunity event: Victorian Photo Spots in the Historic Barnes Mansion! You can walk through this beautiful victorian home with an amazing story and a lovely guide who will open the doors to the past while you snap special photos!

Enjoy unique museum activities from romantic reptiles, fossilized love (and hate), and so much more. (details below pre-register to reserve your spot)

Discover Card
Fossil Love
Fossil Love

Special Dead Things

See why bones from millions of years ago make our hearts pitter patter!

Reptile Romance img car
Reptile Romance

Love An Ectotherm

Cold heart, cold blood. They still want love!

Victorian Beauty Till Death do us part
Victorian Photos

Barnes Mansion

Try your hand at our photo spots, and learn about victorian times

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Barnes Mansion

Photo Ops & Tours

Victorian setting, romance, and beautiful photos