Teacher Boxes

Quick Facts: 

$10.00 rental fee General Public

$5.00 rental fee (Burpee Members)

Check-out Options
Can’t bring your class to the Museum? Bring the Museum to your class!

Teacher boxes are available for pickup at the Museum! Each box contains touchable items, lesson materials, and real museum resources. Resources can be reserved by calling 815.965.3433 or completing the form below.  Watch the video below to see what you can expect when checking out a Burpee teacher box!


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Available Teacher Boxes:


Bird Eggs

Dinosaur Teeth and Claws



Native American for younger children


Sensory Awareness

Whitetail Deer

Individual specimens available (encased in acrylic cubes):

Apatosaurus Skull Cast (large, heavy) 

American Kestrel

Belted Kingfisher

Great Horned Owl (large, heavy)

Prairie Chicken

Screech Owl

Songbirds (Robin, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and Fox Sparrow in one case)

Northern Cardinals

Red Fox

I.D.N.R. Resource Trunks 

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has partnered with Burpee to offer a convenient pick up/ drop off location in downtown Rockford. Trunks are FREE to Educators in Illinois and can be kept for up to one week. The following trunks are available:

Aquatic Illinois 

Illinois Birds

Illinois Fossils

Illinois Mammals

Insects & Spiders of Illinois

Invasive Species

Nature Back Pack

People & Animals of Illinois’ Past

Illinois Prairies

Illinois State Symbols

Illinois Trees

Note: You are allowed to check out up to TWO boxes, for up to ONE week.

Mounted Specimens
Profile Card
Eastern Screech Owl
Eastern Screech Owl

Apatosaurus skull
Apatosaurus Skull