Sensory Scientist Hero

Sensory Scientist

Learn by Doing!

Explore the world through your senses.  For young children ages 3 and under, this class series is an exploration-based inquiry class.  Burpee Museum of Natural History's NEW class runs in the flexible format of multiple stations while the young child can move from activity to activity exploring based on their own developmental needs and learning style.  Each class focuses on different themes from exploring color to exploring smell!  Come learn the science of your senses and explore with Burpee!

What to Expect

Multiple stations will be set up in the Burpee Museum classroom, and children will have guided exploration through all experiments and activities.  Time will allow children to repeat and re-explore activities as they choose. Each class lasts about 1 hour with guided instruction.

Because admission is included in the class fee, students should feel free to remain and explore the museum after class! 

Designed for children ages 3 and under and their adult companion)

Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm

*Special times - 9am-10am - from March 21-March 25 for Spring Break.*


Admission to Burpee Museum for child and adult companion is included in the price for class.  Preregistration may be done online through eventbrite, or by calling Burpee's visitor services department. 

General Public Children: $12

Member Children: $10

Parent/Caregiver: $0

Discover Card
Img Car Sensory Scientist Color
Sight: Colors!

January 15 @ 1pm

Explore all the colors of the rainbow through paint, light, and experimentation! Mix, match, reflect, and watch the colors change!

Fuzzy Blanket
Touch: Animal Skin

February 19 @ 1pm

Explore touch through textures! Feel the differences between animal skins: from fuzzy mammals, to scaly reptiles! Try touching with your fingers, elbows, or even toes to see how texture changes!

Child turns a knob on a radio
Sound: Noise

March 12 @ 1pm

Explore how shapes make sounds when you listen to water falling, investigate resonance and see if the length of objects matters! Send a secret message through a cup and see if anyone can hear!

Child sitting in a field of flowers smelling a flower
Smell: What's That Smell?

March 21 @ 9am

Test your nose and try to identify the mystery smell! Explore how smell & sight are related by guessing the scent before smelling and explore how texture affects smell by squishing food and scratching surfaces!

Child and Mother sitting at table. Child is eating a piece of bread with Jam on it
Taste: What's that Taste?

March 22 @ 9am

Explore your sense of taste by squishing food to change the texture, see if you can guess the flavor, and make your own tasty treat! Add more or less and see what your taste buds think!

Child in a tub pours water from a cup over their head
Touch: Water

March 23 @9am

Explore the texture of water in all its forms: feel the wet water droplets and freezing ice, see how it moves from one place to another, and make bubbles to see how the texture changes beneath your fingers!

Child sits on top of a brown couch holding a wooden guitar
Sound: Musical Instruments

March 24 @ 9am

Explore the sound of music! From a symphony of animal calls to rattles and drums, you can create your own orchestra of music and explore the different sounds instruments make!

Child in a field holds a flower up to nose
Smell: Floral Fragrances

March 25 @ 9am

Spring fun has just begun! Explore the sweet aroma of flowers when you pull them apart, stir them in water, and match them to their names!

Child sits at a table eating a large overflowing sandwhich
Taste: Mixing Food

April 2 @ 1pm

Explore taste by putting together sweet, savory, salty, and other foods! Guess what flavors were mixed together, create your own, and explore how mixing foods changes taste!

Child holds a magnifying glass up to mothers open mouth
Sight: Magnification

May 14 @ 1pm

Explore how sight changes through magnification, telescopes, and kaleidoscopes. Test your sight in one or both eyes and see how the images around you change!