Tortoise Eating a Strawberry

Reptiles Outreach

Meet the Ectotherms!

From slithering snakes to leaping lizards, bring your students up close with live reptiles to learn about their cold blooded nature and adaptations that help the critters survive in the wild! Students will work with a Burpee educator and walk through several orders of chordates including the order Squamata (lizards and snakes) and the order Testudine (turtles and tortoises).

For more information or to set up an outreach event with us, contact Nicole Hayes (

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Ice visiting School
Argentine Tegus

Learn about our two tegus, and how they track their prey with their long forked tongues!

New Caledonian
New Caledonian Giant Gecko

Learn about our New Caledonian Giant Gecko, and how they can un up a vertical wall at 20 body lengths per second!


Learn about our Basilisk, and how they can walk on water!

Crested Geckos

Learn about our Crested Geckos and their incredible tails!

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