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Programming for middle school and high school students goes beyond encourages asking questions, sparking wonder.  Through lab experiences and even mentoring and club programming, students can witness and even get involved in real time scientific research.  Field trip tours feature a Burpee educator guide and/or scientist guide depending on the group, opportunities for questions and discussion, and some hands on experiences. We are thrilled to bring them into our natural science museum, and help you cultivate knowledge and inquiry, as well as bridge gaps to the workforce.  Perfect for school trips, internships, clubs, and homeschool groups.

Field Trip Tours
Discover Card
Jane Exhibit
Fossil & Dino Tour

Most Popular!

Meet the giant dinosaurs, and tiny prehistoric snails in your journey through time! Touch real fossils, and interact with Burpee educators to explore the age of dinos and more! Pairs well with "Paleontology Puzzle" Lab

Ice Age Icy Illinois
Icy Illinois

Head back in time to the cold landscape of Ice Age Illinois! Meet giant mammals of our land: Mammoths, Giant Sloths, Giant Beavers, the humans that hunted, and more! Touch teeth, examine fur, and learn how glaciers shaped the land we see today.

The Earth's Forces Tour

Walk through the forces that shape our Earth from weathering to compaction. What makes a rock? How does it become sand? What give a mineral its color? Interact with the geology of our Earth in a unique way!