Lecture Series

Explore Burpee Museum in-depth!

Burpee Museum is introducing a new lecture series all about natural history! Come learn about the natural history featured in the museum in-depth by the specialists who work with it every day! Lectures are scheduled once a month.

Topics include fossil discovery, entomology, PaleoArt, wildlife conservation, research, and more! All lectures will feature a Q&A session at the end, and there will be unique items, such as fossils and taxidermy, that are rarely seen by the public! 

Cost: $2 for Members and $5 for Nonmembers. In person and virtual options are available. 


Preregistration may be done online through eventbrite, or by calling Burpee's visitor services department (815-965-3433). Walk-ins are welcome to attend as well.

Missed a lecture that you'd been wanting to attend?

Don't worry! All lectures are recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel about one month after the lecture.

Past Lectures
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Homer's Discovery

Josh Mathews, September 28th

Until the Homer Site was discovered, all other Triceratops were found as individuals. Learn about what this discovery tells us about the life of Triceratops in the latest Cretaceous of North America!

Hell Creek Formation Amber

Stew Cook, October 19th

Little research has been done on amber from one of the most famous dinosaur localities - the Hell Creek Formation. Learn what it means to determine the correct way to conserve this unique substance and describe the amazing life preserved inside of them!

Animal Behavior

Anne Weerda, November 21st

Join Executive Director, Anne Weerda, to learn how scientists measure animal behavior and collect data for research!


Ryan Dewey, December 21st

Paleoart, combined with a scientific eye, is an artistic endeavor to reconstruct past life based on reasoned speculation from today’s natural world. In this lecture, we’ll be looking at the history and ever changing landscape of PaleoArt.

Josh Mathews
A River of Dinosaurs

Josh Mathews, January 31st

Learn the history of the Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur Quarry in Utah and what has been discovered in the last 15+ years of digging!