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KidVentures In Science


KidVentures in Science!

A bold, new class taking you on adventures across the globe!


Each class is a new adventure traveling back in time or in Burpee’s backyard! KidVentures in Science are one-day classes that pack a punch of learning and fun suitable for ages 3-6. Classes are from 9am - 12pm.


*All unaccompanied children need to be bathroom trained. If your child is not, please plan to attend the class with your child*

Adventure is Everywhere...

...And we're taking you on ours!
Class Options
Indigenous Illinois

Monday, October 11

Grab your boots and a hat as we explore what ancient life looked like in Illinois. Adventurers will become archaeologists by completing a simulated dig, holding real artifacts, and learning about native life in Illinois!


Migrating Meals

Thursday, November 11

Every year thousands of animals migrate across the Serengeti plains in a spectacle seen nowhere else in the world! Wildebeest, zebra, impala, and more will show us how they move through East Africa. Together, let's investigate this famous phenomenon, learn about the interconnected animals and weather patterns, and become part of the great migration!


Maasai Warrios

Saturday, November 13

The Maasai are renowned as fierce warriors living alongside lions, giraffes, and other amazing animals of Africa. Join experts and a warrior to walk in their footsteps, visit their home, try different art forms, and learn their language in a class exploring life in East Africa.


Science of Sports Soccer Stars

Wednesday, November 24

We’re scoring goals and winning the game in this KidVenture in Science! Get moving with exciting sports as you explore the science behind the game: Newton’s Laws of Motion. We’ll learn why and how things move and gain some soccer skills too!


Science of Sports Beakers and Basketballs

Friday, November 26

What goes up, must come down! Get moving with the excitement of sports as we explore the science behind the game. Science helps us understand gravity, but can it help us make the perfect basket? Join us to find out!


Starry Night

Tuesday, December 21

The expanse in the sky is beautiful and amazing! Explore the stars and planets of the Milky Way as we dive into the world of astronomy.


Little Lights

Wednesday, December 22

Explore the science of electricity that allows us to make beautiful Christmas light displays! Build circuits, learn how to control lights and sound with buttons and switches...and make electricity work for you when you build a Christmas display!


Holiday Cheer

Thursday, December 23

Winter Holidays are coming and we can’t wait! Join us for crafts and science related to holidays full of cheer!


Snowy Science

Tuesday, December 28

Get snowed-in at the Burpee Museum as we explore the science of FROZEN water! Students will jump into experiments with ICE and other freezing cold liquids in this bone-chilling adventure!


Arctic Animals

Wednesday, December 29

Adventure through the Arctic! What would you need to survive? Learn from explorers of the past and present (and even meet a real Antarctica Dino Explorer!) Explore the REALLY cold places on earth….from deep oceans to snowy mountains. What can possibly live in the coldest ecosystems on Earth!? You will be surprised!


Ice and the Inuit

Thursday, December 30

Inuit homes are unique and they have amazing ways to survive in extreme elements. Join us for an adventure in the arctic as we learn to survive in the frozen ice like the Inuit tribe!


Cancellation/ Refund Policy:

Due to cost of supplies and staffing, last minute (less than 48 hours) cancellations are non-refundable. Please be aware that we sometimes have to cancel a program because it did not reach the minimum registration requirement – Don’t wait until the last minute to sign up or your program may already be cancelled! Burpee Museum reserves the right to limit registrations and cancel any program for any reason. Every effort will be made to contact participants.