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KidVentures In Science


KidVentures in Science!

A bold, new class taking you on adventures across the globe!


Each class is a new adventure traveling back in time or in Burpee’s backyard! KidVentures in Science are one-day classes that pack a punch of learning and fun suitable for ages 3-6 and 7 & up. Classes are from 9am - 12pm.


*All unaccompanied children need to be bathroom trained. If your child is not, please plan to attend the class with your child*

Adventure is Everywhere...

...And we're taking you on ours!
Class Options
Perfect Planting

Friday, June 18

Epiphyte air plants, to rooted plants in the ground, get ready to plant, grow and explore the botanical world. Students will participate in the creation of an outdoor garden at Burpee. This adventure is a single-day version of the Planted Roots 4 day class.


Rockin' Research

Saturday, June 19

Smooth, rough, small, large: look at the world under your feet. Find minerals that fluoresce, identify common and rare rocks, and learn about processes that shape our planet


Jurassic Jungle - Sold Out -

Tuesday, July 6

Explore the dinosaurs in Burpee’s 145 million year old quarry, learn the diversity of gigantic animals that once roamed the Earth.


Cretaceous Creatures

Wednesday, July 7

Frogs to turtles, raptors to triceratops! Travel back in time to the era of Jane the T. rex. and learn what Burpee scientists are discovering in our Montana research sites!


Pleistocene Party

Thursday, July 8

Look in your backyard: evidence of an ice age that shaped Wisconsin and Illinois. Glacial impacts, 10 foot ground sloths, saber toothed tigers, and even elephants of Illinois: come take a trip back in time to learn about Illinois in the Ice Age!


Safari Special

Friday, July 16

You can cross the ocean to see modern-day giants like elephants and lions...or you can come to the Burpee Museum! Expect to sweat as we take you on a Safari to East Africa to see the pride of the lion and the pride of the Maasai. This adventure is a single-day version of the Burpee Explorers Serengeti Safari 4 day class.


Mini Minerals

Friday, July 23

Some minerals glitter, some minerals shine; Some are metallic and can be found inside a mine! But what makes minerals similar or different from each other? Come on an adventure to visit our NEW geology exhibit, hold minerals in your hands, and learn about these sparkling stones! This adventure is a single-day  version of the Burpee Explorers Making Minerals 4 day class.


Single Scales

Friday, July 30

Slither into Science with LIVE snakes at the Burpee Museum! Be amazed by their smooth scales, sliding movement, and forked tongues as we adventure through the wild world of reptiles! This adventure is a single-day version of the Burpee Explorers Sneaky Scales 4 day class.


Water Works

Friday, July 30

Jump in at our AquaAerobics Water Lab on the Burpee property, and the edge of the Rock River. Slip on some boots and get river samples, make predictions, and learn how we can study this important waterway