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KidVentures In Science

Adventure is Everywhere...

...And we're taking you on ours!

Each class is a new adventure traveling back in time or in Burpee’s backyard! KidVentures in Science are one-day classes that pack a punch of learning and fun suitable for ages 3-6. 

Scheduling for the whole family?

Kidventure classes run at the same time slot as Explorer Classes (ages 7 & up)

Starting in January 2022, during the same time spot, Burpee offers Kidventues in Science (3-6 years) and Sensory Scientists (3 & Under)!


*All unaccompanied children need to be bathroom trained. If your child is not, please plan to attend the class with your child*

Cancellation/ Refund Policy:

Due to cost of supplies and staffing, last minute (less than 48 hours) cancellations are non-refundable. Please be aware that we sometimes have to cancel a program because it did not reach the minimum registration requirement – Don’t wait until the last minute to sign up or your program may already be cancelled! Burpee Museum reserves the right to limit registrations and cancel any program for any reason. Every effort will be made to contact participants.

Discover Card
Jan. 15

Seashell Science

The ocean is full of seashells that used to be the homes of crustaceans! Learn about the animals that inhabited these shells, explore the GIANT size of the blue whale, examine coral out of the water, and make a starfish to take home!

Feb. 19

Slimy Salamanders

Say hi to Burpee's frogs and explore the science of their life! See osmosis in action to learn why amphibians are slimy and explore the crazy physical changes of a frog life cycle! Feel their skin, mimic their movement, and hear their beautiful songs!

Bee on flowers
March 12

Insect Investigators

Shrink in size and explore the life of tiny insects! What do they eat? Why do they buzz? And how do they stay warm? Grab a magnifying glass and see their differences, their reactions to hot & cold, and understand why these tiny creatures are so important!

Cardinal in tree
April 2

Wonderful Wings

From fearsome falcons to colorful cardinals, adventure in the air and explore the world of birds! Feel their talons, examine their nests and create one of your own, investigate the differences between their wings, and see what makes them so unique!

School of fish
May 14

Swimming Schools

Find your school at Burpee... school of fish that is! Join us underwater as we examine the skeletons of fish and their fins! Explore how gills help even tiny fish breathe and experiment with the buoyancy of sharks! Explore life hidden beneath the surface!