Icy Illinois Hero

Icy Illinois

Burrrrr! It was COLD in Illinois!

Grab a hat and coat, because this imaginary trip back in time is to the Ice Age Rockford! From Mammoths, to Giant Sloths, to Giant Beavers, and the humans that hunted them we will journey to a time that looked quite different than today.   We will look at Ice Age survivors we can find in our area today such as wolves and beavers, and compare them to other animals of the Ice Age that didn't survive such as the saber toothed tigers and dire wolves.  Compare their skulls, and learn what made this time so unique! Students will touch teeth, examine fur, and learn how glaciers shaped the land we see today.

Key Concepts:

Ice Age, survival traits, early human hunting, glaciers, Illinois landscape, Illinois history


Asking questions, Making observations, Analyzing and Interpreting


Program includes moving short distances in groups, and sitting on the floor for discussion & activities. Chairs and/or tables are available upon request. Students may experience an animal encounter with a turtle or tortoise. We believe there should be no boundaries for your students' Burpee Museum experience. If you have an accommodation request related to a disability, please contact us at 815-965-3433. We look forward to assisting you.