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Unit 4: From Papyrus to Paper


March 15 @ 2pm: Online Class Ages 10 and Up

March 15 @ 3pm: Online Class Ages 6-9

March 22 @ 2pm-4pm: In Person Class Ages 10 and Up

March 24 @ 2pm-4pm: In Person Class Ages 6-9

Note: Curriculum resources will be available through April 2 for additional learning options.


Paper is a resource many of us take for granted. Without paper, we would not have books for school, letters from our grandparents, or even a way to write a list for Santa! Let’s travel back in time to China in about 105 AD when paper was invented! How is this basic necessity crafted and what did people do before it existed?

This unit will teach you about the history of communication and how a simple piece of paper changed the world! Sign up today and get ready to get your hands dirty as we explore different ways to make our own paper and test the strength of this small substance.

Curriculum will be different for the two classes: Ages 6-9 and Ages 10 & Up

Grab your backpack and get ready as we test the limits of paper!