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Unit 3: Fine Feathers


Oct 26 @ 2pm: Online Class Ages 10 and Up

Oct 26 @ 3pm: Online Class Ages 6-9

Nov 2 @ 2pm -4pm: In Person Class Ages 10 and Up

Nov 4 @ 2pm - 4pm: In Person Ages 6-9

Note: Curriculum resources will be available through November 9th for additional learning options.


Learn more about the structure of plumage!  Any of the light, horny, epidermal outgrowths along our fine feathered friends are considered feathers.  Feathers include the smaller down feathers and the larger contour and flight feathers. Larger feathers consist of a shaft (rachis) bearing branches (barbs) which bear smaller branches (barbules). These smaller branches bear tiny hook-bearing processes (barbicels) which interlock with the barbules of an adjacent barb to link the barbs into a continuous stiff vane. How does this help in flight? Staying warm? Blending in...and standing out?  Learn with us.

We will also learn more about migration, reproduction, and what makes these fine feathered friends so incredible!  

Curriculum will be different for the two classes: Ages 6-9 and Ages 10 & Up