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Unit 3: Mysteries of the Mummy


Feb 1 @ 2pm: Online Class Ages 10 and Up

Feb 1 @ 3pm: Online Class Ages 6-9

Feb 8 @ 2pm -4pm: In Person Class Ages 10 and Up

Feb 10 @ 2pm - 4pm: In Person Ages 6-9

Note: Curriculum resources will be available through Feb 19 for additional learning options.


Mummies have long mystified people from around the globe. How could they not? These specimens have remained intact for thousands of years! Some mummies are preserved so well, that scientists can even recreate what the person looked like 3000 years ago! What did the Egyptians know that no one else did to help them preserve their kings and queens?

This unit dives into the science of mummification and how it has impacted our burial practices today! Students will learn all about preservation and Egypt through this hands-on unit!

Curriculum will be different for the two classes: Ages 6-9 and Ages 10 & Up

Join us for this undead adventure in science!