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Ready for Fall 2021? Join us for Burpee's awesome homeschool and enrichment programming presents an exciting way to learn about science.  Curriculum is designed around multiple STEM themes that change each year, and each semester.  Take one class, or sign up for the full semester. 

These classes will bring students into our exhibits and all around the museum as they complete science experiments and hands-on activities to learn about science!

Class Groups:

6-9 Year-Old Learners and 10 & Up Learners

Semester Rate:

$105 General Public

$80 Burpee Members

Note: No semester rate for siblings, since the price is already reduced!

Per Class Rate:

$16 General Public 

$12 Burpee Members

Sibling Discount Rate for 2nd+

$14 General Public 

$10 Burpee Members

Units of Study: Fall/Winter 2021
Fall/ Winter Classes and Dates:


Sept 8 Matter Mishaps

Solid, liquid, gas: all objects fall into one of these categories...except for objects that don’t. Learn about the rules and the rule breakers as we explore Newton’s theory of matter! Properties of Matter - solid, liquid, gas experiments  

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Sept 22 Motion Madness

Slip, slide, and shoot in these experiments that will get you moving! We’ll learn some soccer skills and the science behind the sport: Newton’s Laws of Motions!

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Oct 6 Weird Waves

Waves aren’t just in water...they are also the light we see and sounds we hear! Join us to make a model of these weird waves, and explore the science behind light and sound!

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Oct 20 Creating Charges

Get charged up and ready to explore the exciting world of electricity! See how these positive and negative charges power our lights, switches, and so much more by making an electric experiment of your own!

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Nov 3 Crafting Codes

From spaceships, to your favorite video game, to even the directions on your phone: computer programming powers it all! But how does it work? Find out as we learn the science of coding.

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Nov 17 Woodland Weavers

Journey into the woods and into the past to explore ancient life in Illinois. See their homes, food, and even artifacts left behind that tell us the story of their lives.

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Dec 1 Pueblo Potters

Beat the heat and learn how to survive in the desert just like the indigenous Pueblo people of the southwest. Explore how they transformed the dirt under their feet into homes, art, and more!

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Dec 15 Ice cold Inuit

Surviving the ice cold arctic is no small feat, and some people have been doing just that for the last 4,000 years! Join us to learn about the Inuit and all their special skills that help them survive the extreme cold.

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