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Hands On STEM Classes

Join us for Burpee's awesome homeschool and enrichment programming presents an exciting way to learn about science.  Curriculum is designed around multiple STEM themes that change each year, and each semester.  Take one class, or sign up for the full semester. 

These classes will bring students into our exhibits and all around the museum as they complete science experiments and hands-on activities to learn about science!

Class Groups:

6-9 Year-Old Learners and 10 & Up Learners


Dec 15 Ice cold Inuit

Surviving the ice cold arctic is no small feat, and some people have been doing just that for the last 4,000 years! Join us to learn about the Inuit and all their special skills that help them survive the extreme cold.


Discover Card
Anatomical Adventure img car
Jan 19

Anatomical Adventure

Bones give our bodies structure and strength, but how do they fit together? Students will explore the ways your bones are connected, create a spine model, and see and feel REAL animal bones all while learning the bones of our body!

Crazy Circulation
Feb 2

Crazy Circulation

Get your blood pumping and learn what makes it possible when you dissect a REAL cow heart, take home a heart model, and create EDIBLE blood in this adventure of the circulatory system!

Dinner Digestion Img Car
Feb 16

Dinner Digestion

What happens to food when we eat? Explore the science happening inside our bodies after every meal! See digestive organs when dissecting a frog, explore how acids break down foods, and compare our digestive system to other animals!

Oxygen Img Car
March 9

Oxygen Observations

Our bodies need oxygen to survive, but what actually happens when we breathe? Observe REAL lungs & create your own model to find out! Learn how scientists observe this important organ inside our chests & how it works with the rest of our organs!

Eye Experiment Img Car
March 30

Experiment Eyesight

Our eyes are complex! See the complexity up close when you dissect a real sheep eye! Learn about rods & cones and how they affect the colors and images we see! Examine the eyesight of our LIVE reptiles to see how their eyesight differs from ours!

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Stars Img Car
April 13

To Infinity...

Our Solar system is huge! Investigate the paths and gravity that keeps everything rotating around the sun as we explore the first 4 planets of the Milky Way! Explore the rocky planet without water, Mars; Inspect the hottest temperatures of Venus; See wher

Moon Img Car
April 27

Lunar Legacy

What makes the moon orbit our planet? Investigate Earth’s only natural satellite to find out! We’ll make a moon phase model, explore how it reflects light into our night sky, and create our own craters!

Saturn Img Car
May 11

...And Beyond!

Explore the science behind the largest planets of our solar system! Separated by the asteroid belt, these gas giants hold mysteries that we’re going to unfurl: We’ll make our own clouds to explore the atmosphere of these giant planets and even give Saturn

Blast off Img Car
May 25

Astronaut Adventures

Houston, we have a problem: We need to go to space! Blast off at Burpee and investigate the ways we explore space: make your own rocketship, examine the speed of sound and light, and explore the depths of the night sky!