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Burpee's awesome homeschool and enrichment programming presents an exciting way to learn about science.  Curriculum is designed around multiple STEM themes that change each year, and each semester.  Take one class, or sign up for the full semester. 

The 2020-2021 learning experience will offer new options including 100% online option  and a hybrid in-person option as well. All classes will be held virtually until tier three mitigations have lifted in Illinois.

Hybrid In Person Class Option:

Learners will arrive at Burpee once per unit for a hands-on experience with Burpee's science education team.  Burpee has put special COVID-19 precautions into place including additional sanitation procedures, social distancing through holding the classes in our largest Riverview Auditorium, and spreading students out at individual tables at least 6 feet apart.  Discussions will still engage the entire group, and teachers will be able to help with hands on activities.

For the first time, In-Person learners will have additional content available online for days they are not in the museum.  While these experiences are optional and supplemental to the in-person instruction, it provides a way to continue the learning all month!  Registered students will have the chance to access online, digital learning from virtual reality experiences in the museum, in nature, and more. 

E-Learning Only Option:

Students have the option of 100% virtual instruction with video chats and videos of activities to supplement the in-person class. (Note: remote students will be given a shopping list for activity supplies that can be often found around the house, or purchased at a local grocery store or online at amazon)

Class Groups: 6-9 Year-Old Learners and 10 & Up Learners
Semester Rate:

$48 General Public

$36 Burpee Members

Note: No semester rate for siblings, since the price is already reduced!

Per Class Rate:

$16 General Public 

$12 Burpee Members

Sibling Discount Rate for 2nd+

$14 General Public 

$10 Burpee Members

Units of Study: Spring 2021
Spring 2021 Semester Theme:
Earthquakes, Rocks, and Minerals, Oh My!

Join us this spring as we dig deep into the Earth underneath us in our Homeschool and Enrichment classes! Our Spring semester begins April 12th and is offered both 100% virtually and in-person!

Watch your students curiosity soar as we tackle topics like how the Earth moves underneath our feet, what makes rocks different, and the sparkling world of minerals. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with these processes and feel the differences with their own hands! Don't miss out on this rocking opportunity at the Burpee Museum!


Discover Card
Cracked Earth
Unit 6

Passing Plates

April 12-21 This Unit focuses on the slight shifts of the ground we live on as students explore plate tectonics!

Stack of Rocks
Unit 7

Rocky Relations

April 26 - May 5 This Unit focuses on rocks, how they are formed, and the differences between them!

Unit 8

Mineral Madness

May 10-May 19 This Unit focuses on the glittering minerals found in the Earth. Learn about how they are made, their differences, and how they are used!