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Giving Season 2021

Thanks to Supporters like YOU, Burpee can:
  • Present compelling exhibitions
  • Reach thousands of students & teachers
  • Connect students to scientists, ongoing research, & collections
  • Conduct world-class field work and lab work
  • Remain an important and vibrant part of downtown Rockford
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Each $1 donated will be matched by $1 from our matching donor! That means your $100 gift instantly becomes $200 to help Burpee inspire lifelong learning and exploration of the Natural Sciences.


Will you help us reach our $10,000 matching goal? 


Help Burpee Thrive
Thanks to your support,

Burpee Museum of Natural History has continued to make great strides in financial stability, scientific research, and new exhibits! This past year we spread the love of science to over 15,000 in-person and over 60,000 virtual guests! We provided scholarships to youth who could not otherwise afford the experience, launched a first ever virtual LIVE student PaleoFest scientist panel of international paleontologists for over 1,000 school-age children, opened 4 new exhibits, revamped 4 exhibits, and gave our lobby and research collections a beautiful face lift! What a year!

The current COVID-19 Pandemic...

has been the greatest challenge Burpee has faced in recent years. For the past eighteen months, Burpee has received significant guidance and financial support from our board members, dedicated staff, and generous grant funders within our community. Because of them, we will continue to thrive in the new year and keep moving forward, spreading science joy! Burpee’s plan today: Remain relevant, viable, and to reach out to our community. Despite COVID-19 restrictions Burpee flourished. This year, we were able to connect over local children online to exciting live Q & A sessions: from an East African Maasai Tribe member to expert paleontologists. We utilized mandated shut-down time to revamp exhibits and build new ones. We leveraged a flood to reorganize and update collections.

Our biggest hit?

Science “Carry Out” Kits: A Monarch Exchange Larva Program which gives adults and children alike a chance to experience metamorphosis in their own home and fossil sets with real fossils from Ordovician, Jurassic, Cretaceous and more! I ask your help to keep Burpee Museum, a community treasure, open and viable. After many hours of Board deliberation, staff sacrifice, and drastic budgetary cutbacks, we arrived at a fundraising goal of $220 per day through the pandemic. Raising this per diem amount will allow us to keep the lights on, science moving, education flourishing, and allow us to preserve and keep our rare fossils like Jane the T. rex.

Will you help keep Burpee alive?

A gift of $220 keeps us operating during the pandemic for one more day, $1,540 for one more week, and $6,600 for one more month. Help us help kids belong to something scientific, innovative, and exciting! Working together, we will continue to cultivate awesome learning experiences for all ages.

From the bottom of our hearts,


for supporting our outstanding museum through giving generously to the Annual Appeal!


Anne F. Weerda MsEd, MEd

Executive Director Burpee Museum of Natural History

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