Girls in Science

Girls in Science

Explore the Amazing!


Burpee Museum invites you to learn about the women who have changed the world of science! Each class explores a different female scientist, what she has helped us learn, and a chance to engage in an experiment around that theme. Join us for hands-on learning and science fun for boys and girls that celebrates female science contributions!

Classes are designed for boy and girls ages 3-7 and 7 & up. 

Time: 9am-12pm.

Learn about women who changed the science world!
Digging Dinosaurs

Saturday, June 19

Discover a dinosaur just like Mary Anning- the First Female Paleontologist! Learn about the tools paleontologists use, and even take part in your own dinosaur dig!


Discovering DNA

Thursday, July 1

Learn about the woman who discovered the complex structure of our DNA - Rosalind Franklin. Learn about the twisted nature of DNA and try your hand at extracting your own DNA!


Healthy Hearts

Monday, August 2

Thump, Thump. That sound in your chest is your heart beating, telling you it’s working! Learn the science behind the organ pumping inside your chest, like scientist Marie Maynard Daly. Put your lab coats on while we make a model of this pumping organ and dissect a REAL cow heart!