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Fossil and Earth History Curriculum Pack
Curriculum Pack #1

The Fossil Story

Explore all things prehistoric through the history of the Earth! From dangerous predatory cephalopods to dinosaurs to amazing ice age mammals, fly through time with us!

Geology Curriculum Pack
Curriculum Pack #2


Our Dangerous Earth! From earthquakes to volcanoes...explore the dynamics of our planet.

food science
Curriculum Pack #3

Science You Can Eat

The Chemistry of Food & the Food Chain. From sun to energy, and the changes we make to food by cooking, chemistry is all around us.

GT Python
Curriculum Pack #4

Reptiles & Amphibians

Cold Blooded: Ectotherms vs Endotherms. Come learn about these amazing creatures.

Mammal Badge
Curriculum Pack #5

Amazing Animals

Explore Biodiversity! From giant lions to tiny ants, the animal kingdom has so many amazing animals to explore.

Curriculum Pack #6
Curriculum Pack #6

Around the World: Cultural Studies

Travel the Earth: from local traditions to East Africa to China, explore the diversity of cultures on our Earth.