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Till Death Do Us Part Press Release

February 6th - Celebrate Valentine's Day Weekend with Burpee Museum's "Deathly" Romantic Event

ROCKFORD, IL - Celebrate Valentine's Day weekend with Burpee Museum’s “Till Death Do Us Part” on Saturday, February 11th, at Rockford’s most fossil packed location! The museum will be full of one-time-only activities for adults from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Enjoy unique museum activities, such as a Romantic Reptiles Kissing Booth where you can blow a kiss to your favorite animal, fossilized love, and learning about strange dinosaur courtship dances, as you celebrate your love for the people who matter most.  

Other activities include viewing a heart dissection, where you can learn about how even though love doesn’t really come from the heart, you can still feel its effect, both positive and negative. Participate in a scavenger hunt to find items throughout the museum related to Valentine’s Day and love, such as ammonites, taxidermied animals, and a recreation of St. Valentine’s skull, to win a prize!

This event also features a rare romantic photo opportunity: Victorian Photo Spots in the historic Barnes Mansion. You can walk through this beautiful Victorian home with an amazing story and a lovely guide who will open the doors to the past while you snap special photos. 

“A great way for young couples or groups of friends to explore museum exhibits and take part in hands-on activities”

“Till Death Do Us Part is a great way for young couples or groups of friends to explore museum exhibits and take part in hands-on activities, like making an amethyst ring and proposing to Jane,” said Alex Merry, Director of Operations and Guest Experience. “You have the opportunity to get pictures that are as unique as you are in the Victorian Barnes Mansion and throughout the museum. Enjoy the beginning of your Valentine’s Day weekend doing something different!”

A cash bar will be provided by Mary’s Market. 

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