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Art of the Earth

Natural History Art Classes

Enhance your visit with a 60 min art class on select days at the museum for only $3 ($2 members) in addition to museum admission!

Learn how artists and scientists can work together to create a visual representation of a time on Earth we have never seen before: PaleoArt! Learn how to draw a T-rex or Allosaurus using modern models, skeletons, and research. Imagine a mammoth, and learn how artists recreate amazing prehistoric worlds through sculpture, video, painting, and more! Classes are taught by Burpee Museum resident artists. Examine plants, skulls, and animals up close and learn techniques that bring nature to life in your art! Ages 7 & Up.

What to Expect:

Basic supplies are included in the registration fee. Students should feel free to bring personal supplies they like to use. Each class lasts about 1 hour with guided instruction, however students are welcome to stay longer and continue their work.

All sessions are Saturday's 11:00 am - 12:00 pm OR 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Preregistration may be done online through eventbrite, or by calling Burpee's visitor services department. Walk-ins are welcome to attend as well.

  • Adults: $15 ($12 admission + $3 class fee)
  • Children 4-12: $13 ($10 admission + $3 class fee)
  • Members: $2 ($0 admission + $2 class fee)
Discover Card
Growing up dino
Growing Up Dino

September 3rd

Explore the parenting strategies employed by various types of dinosaurs.

King's Court
King's Court T. rex

September 10th

We all know T-rex as a formidable predator, but what was it like when it wasn’t hunting? In this class we’ll go over how artists interpret fossils to create a clearer picture of the life and times of the Tyrant King.

Raptor attack
Rendering Raptors

October 1st

Learn the processes for reconstructing colors and patterns of raptors.

Walking whales
Walking Whales

October 15th

Learn the processes for reconstructing colors and patterns of historic whales.

pulmonoscorpius posturing
Carboniferous Canopy (Giant Bugs)

October 29th

300 million years ago, before even dinosaurs, giant bugs filled the roles backboned animals do today. See how scientists and artists try to reconstruct what they were like in life and how they may have been different from their modern reduced relatives.

Terror Birds
Terror Birds

November 21st

Learn the processes for reconstructing colors and patterns of terror birds.

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