Animal Hour Hero Summer

Animal Hour!

Enhance your visit with a LIVE animal interaction. 


Hang Out With LIVE Animals!

Enhance your visit to Burpee this summer!  YOU can "hang out" with our animals! From butterflies to tortoises to geckos to snakes, Burpee Museum has live animals that are ready to meet and greet people of all ages. 

What to Expect

During this one-hour interaction, you will get up close and personal with live animals. Meanwhile, learn about the natural habitat, how we care for them, and get some hands-on experience interacting with them! You might help us make them a meal, hold them, or play with them! You will get an opportunity to take a photo with your new friend, so don't forget the camera! A great family adventure!


Repeated content with the same, or different animals at 10:30am and 3pm on select Tuesdays and Fridays.

How do I Register?

Use the links below to preregister and sign up online or call Burpee to preregister over the phone.  Tickets can also be purchased at the door if space is still available in the class.



  • Adults: $15 ($12 admission + $3 fee)
  • Children 7-12: $13 ($10 admission + $3  fee)
  • Members: $2 ($0 admission + $2  fee)
Discover Card
Cold Blooded Friends
June 14 & June 17

Meet the Turtles

Meet swimming river and pond turtles, box turtles, and even a GIANT sulcata tortoise up close. Don't forget that camera!

blandings animal hour river animals
June 21 & June 24

Local Waterways

Step into the rivers and ponds to meet the many animals in this ecosystem. You may be familiar with (and happy to greet) turtles of the river and even fish...but flip an rock and there is more than meets the eye!

Animal Hour Meet Lizards Gecko
June 28 & July 1

Meet the Lizards

Meet geckos, whiptail lizards, skinks, tegus, and more! Touch their scales while you learn about each animal, and maybe even give them a treat! Don't forget that camera to capture your new friend in a selfie!

Animal Hour Meet Snakes Corn Snake
July 5 & July 8

Meet the Snakes!

Meet our gentle corn snake, pythons, and more! Touch their scales while you learn about each animal! Don't forget that camera to capture your new friend in a selfie!

Animal Hour Fish
July 12 & July 15

Meet the Fish

Ready to become an "ichthyologist" (someone who studies fish)? From local lake fish, to exotic are amazing underwater survivors. From salt water to fresh water and brackish in between!

Mason Bee
July 19 & July 22

Meet the Bees

urpee has BEES and we are thrilled to introduce you. Don't stinging allowed. Examine different types of amazing pollinators in safe containers as well as take a trip to our nature nook to meet the Bees!

Animal Hour Dragon Fly Common Green Darner I think
July 26 & July 29

Meet the Dragonflies

From live giant flying dragonflies to the alien like, agile nymph babies, you will meet an animal species with a unique lifestyle and an even more unique history! Don't forget your camera. A great family activity.