The Adventure of a Lifetime!

This is your opportunity to join the team that discovered and excavated Burpee’s T. rex, Jane, Triceratops, Homer, and Oviraptor, Pearl. In Utah’s Morrison Formation you will enjoy excavating some of the largest dinosaur bones Burpee has ever collected. Whether you’re a seasoned paleontologist or just curious about the past, Burpee expeditions are an experience to remember. Plus, you can read more about Burpee’s 2014 field season at the Burpee Blog, “No Stone Unturned." 

What will we find?

On past Hell Creek expeditions, crew members have uncovered everything from tiny microfossils to entire dinosaurs! A recent Burpee group discovered more than three promising sites containing Edmontosaurus, theropod, and Triceratops remains in Montana. In the Morrison Formation of Utah we have discovered a huge bone bed containing Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, and Apatosaurus remains, and more.

What will we do?

We will spend up to five week days prospecting for fossils and discovering specimens to add to the Museum’s collection. You’ll learn the fundamentals to paleontology field work including prospecting, excavating, plastering and working at micro-vertebrate locations.

Let’s Go!

2015 Dates and Rates coming soon! 

Applications will be accepted starting November 15, 2014.

Federal law requires that all vertebrate fossils collected be deposited into the collection of Burpee Museum of Natural History. You will be credited with the discovery of all specimens you collect and your finds will be a valuable asset to the Museum for research, display, and education. Field expeditions can be physically challenging. Burpee Museum of Natural History reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Contact Scott Williams for more information.

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