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The Education Department of Burpee Museum provides students with high-quality educational programming through highly-qualified educators.  These educators strive for student achievement by engaging students' curiosity, and motivating them to seek answers in a visually exciting setting

Burpee Museum is the perfect destination for a focused learning expedition-not so large as to be intimidating but with enough to satisfy any inquiring mind!  All our learning expeditions and workshops are aligned to the Illinois State Goals for Learning, and designed to meet the needs of your class.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Fee$5.00 per student/chaperone (teachers no charge)
Time: All tours last approx an hour
Minimum15 people or $75.00
Maximum: 30 in a group, up to 4 groups at one time (*see exceptions)

Savage Ancient Seas 
This tour focuses on unique marine ecosystem represented by the SAS exhibit. It was a predator-dominated sea that existed during the late Cretaceous.  These marine animals swam the SAS while dinosaurs, like Jane and Homer, roamed the Earth.* 
*Special Exhibit Rates Apply: $6 per student/$6 per adult 

Fossils & Dinosaurs 
This tour focuses on the scientific process using fossil evidence.  Students explore an ancient ocean, walk among giant ferns and insects of a prehistoric forest, and learn about Burpee's dinosaur discoveries.  Includes time in the award winning interactive exhibit Jane:  Diary of a Dinosaur and Homer's Odyssey: From the Badlands to Burpee. 
Aligned to Illinois State Learning Standards 4A, 5A, 11A, 12A, 12B, 13A

Dinosaurs: Jane and Homer
This tour focuses on the Cretaceous time period, highlighting Burpee Museum's two real fossil specimens Jane, a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex and Homer, a sub-adult Triceratops. Includes the newly installed Homer's Odyssey exhibit. 
Aligned to Illinois State Learning Standards 4A, 5A, 11A, 12A, 12B, 13A

The First People: Native Americans in North America
The main focus is Woodland cultures of this area.  As part of the learning expedition, students get a taste of Native American life by gathering around a "fire" in our authentic wigwam.  We compare the lifeways of people of the Eastern Woodlands, Great Plains, and the Desert Southwest and examine how the environment influenced the Peoples' way of life.  Information about prehistoric people, the mound Builders and the mounds at Beattie Park can be included.
Aligned to ISLS 4A, 5A, Goal 16, 17C, 18A, 18C
Illinois State (2 hours, $6.00 per student/$5.00 chaperone)
A look at the Prairie State examining local Native Americans, state symbols, natural habitats and geologic history.
Aligned to ISLS 4A, 5A, 12E, 16A, 16E

Windows to Wilderness  
Explore nature in the Rock River Valley as you venture into our biology exhibit.  Focusing on local ecosystems and wildlife, this exhibit offers a fun, interactive approach to the world around us.  This tour includes "up close and personal" with some of Burpee's live animals.
Aligned to ISLS 4A, 5A, 12A, 12B, 12E, 16E, 17B, 17C

Beneath Our Feet 
This tour covers the basics of geology including sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks; mining and earth shaping forces.
Aligned to ISLS 4A, 5A, 12E, 17B, 17C

Illinois State Tour* 
A look at the Prairie State examining local Native American culture, state symbols, natural habitats, and geologic history.*
Aligned to ISLS 4A, 5A, 12E, 16A, 16E
*2 hours/ $7.00 per student, $5.00 per chaperone

Dinomite! and Pint Size Pow Wow
Special Preschool and Kindergarten age versions of our two most popular tours. We also offer a Preschool and Kindergarten version of our Windows To Wilderness tour.

Looking for something extra to add to your field trip?  Check out some of our hands-on workshops! 

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