Christmas Flood at Burpee Museum

 Burpee Museum of Natural History is still dealing with the aftermath of the late December Christmas flood. Sometime between December 23 and December 26 Burpee Museum suffered a flood on its first floor which leaked into the lower level in the Museum's biology and paleontology collections.

As a result, a number of our collections were damaged, some very badly, and greatly affected by the water. Over 700 gallons of standing water was removed from the first floor and many more repairs are still to follow. Over 200 irreplaceable specimens from the biology collections have been moved and are currently being stored in classrooms and meeting rooms while our collections space is repaired and cleaned.

There are a number of specimens that will have to undergo intensive recovery processes in order to get them back into a condition that can be displayed in future exhibits at the Museum. Just a few of those animals are:

- Gray Wolves
- African Lions
- Peacocks
- Caribous
- Cape Buffalos
- Water Bucks
- Leopard
- White Tail Doe
- Pronghorn Antelope

While insurance helps to cushion the costs of repairs to our collections, it is not completely covered. If you are interested in sponsoring one of the animals in our collections and helping to get our damaged items restored please contact MacKenna Atteberry.