Science Classes Ages 10 and up

For 10 years old and up

These classes are inquiry based; hands-on activities and experiments are the core of all classes. The activities and experiments are from ISGS Geo Activities by the Illinois State Geological Survey, funded by a National Science Foundation Grant.

$12/ child members, additional siblings $9/child

$16/ child non-members, additional siblings $13/ child 

Water from the Ground: September 18

Experiment with porosity to see how geology controls our water resources and how ground water moves through unconsolidated materials.

Your Ecological Address: October 9

Identify your watershed. Experiment with capacity of aquifers and water production rates.  

Earth Science Week: "Earth's Connected Systems": October 12-18


A Well Placed Well: October 23

Discover variables effecting depth of the water table. Identify the difference between "aquifer" and "aquiclude."

Geology All Around Us: November 6

Discover just how important geology is in everyday lives.

Interpreting Earth's History: November 20

Apply principles of superposition, original horizontality, cross-cutting relationships and uniformitarianism.

Build Illinois: December 11

Build a 3-Dimensional map of Illinois to show its geologic history and sedimentary structures.