Science Classes Ages 9 to 13

For ages 9-13

These classes are inquiry based; hands-on activities and experiments are the core of all classes. The activities and experiments are from ISGS Geo Activities by the Illinois State Geological Survey, funded by a National Science Foundation Grant.

$12/ child members, additional siblings $9/child

$16/ child non-members, additional siblings $13/ child 

  • Ice on the Rocks: How Glaciers Shape the Land  Thursday 1/15/15 

Conduct experiments to show the abrasive power of glaciers, and identify landscape features carved by glaciers

  • Reading the Earth Thursday 1/29/15 

Use geologic maps to interpret Illinois and its geologic history.

  • Illinois Minerals Thursday 2/12/15 

Identify and map Illinois minerals. Learn how the geology of Illinois determines the location of mineral deposits.

  • An Illinois Earthquake Thursday 2/26/15 

Use real data to show how the distribution of damage from an earthquake is dependent on regional geology.

  • The Great Flood of 1993 Thursday 3/12/15 

Identify floodplain features and experiment with geologic controls and impacts of river flooding.

  • Levee Construction and Failure  Thursday 3/26/15 

Experiment with the forces of flooding that weaken levees.  Test various earth materials for suitability in levee construction. 

  • Where Should We Build?  Thursday 4/16/15 

Experiment with factors affecting the selection of locations for buildings.

  • Geologic Materials and Landfills  Thursday 4/30/15 

Experiment with the 3 major Illinois unconsolidated earth materials, identifying their properties, for landfill sites. 

  • Society and Geologic Hazards Thursday 5/14/15 

Create a simulated model to investigate geologic hazards and discover how society impacts the landscapes